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Friday, 17 January 2014

The Year 2014 in photos - Week 3

It's been an OK week I guess - until today - today was shit - but hey it'll get better. It already is - I have a glass of vino and the laptop and the boiler are working. There was some family time, a visit from the tooth fairy and even a birthday. So lets just get on with the photos:

Climbing in Alice Holt, Forestry Commission
Bigger Miss enjoying the first of our new weekly family time outings. This was her idea - to have a weekly family time so she got first choice. It doesn't have to be outings, could be playing games, lego, cooking - just time to spend as a family to make us all happier (it may take a few weeks!) Last week was a trip to Alice Holt Forest as it was a lovely day.

Fore on the Pirate Ship, Alice Holt Forest, Forestry Commission
Bigger Miss at the Fore on the Pirate Ship, Alice Holt Forest

Pirate Ship silouhette,, Alice Holt Forest

the big swing, Alice Holt Forest
Fun on the big swing at Alice Holt Forest

The church and the flock on a frosty morning
It was a frosty Sunday morning and I took this after I took Bigger Miss to Sunday School - I rather liked all the sheep in front of the church.

expecting a visit from the tooth fairy
Little Miss lost her first tooth on Monday - she was VERY excited, quite possibly the best thing ever apart from Christmas and Birthdays! 

frost patterns
Bit of an odd one but I was taken by the frost patterns on the car! 
As usual please do hop over to the Boy and Me to see how all the other lovely people are doing on this photo project....

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  1. sorry you had a shit day :( hopefully things can only get better
    i love the tall trees featured in your first photo and both girls are enjoying that swing - my two love sitting in the one at our local park. hope the tooth fairy visited? and i would never have guessed that was frost on a car! x

  2. The final pic is really interesting! Would never had thought it was frost. Hope next week is happier for you x

  3. Photos look much more fun than your week sounds

  4. Gosh hope things get better for you! That frost pattern is cool. Looks like Alice Holt Forest is a lot of fun.#365

  5. awww some super shots honey, did she get visit from the tooth fairy ? xx

  6. Love the sheep, just realized that I miss sheep here in Texas

  7. Your family day looked fun. Would love a go on that swing

  8. Wow the frost patterns are amazing.

  9. A great set of photos! Your family day looks like it was a lot of fun!

  10. Lovely photo's! Glad you said what the last one is as I was wondering! Love the woods shots!

  11. What a great adventure playground, looks amazingly good fun and I'd have difficulty not joining in on it! You're right, the sheep in front of the church on the frosty grass look brilliant.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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