Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in photos - Week 4


Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Year 2014 in photos - Week 4

Gaaah! Big fat fail on the catching up with life front (especially blogging) - again. Maybe next week....

In other news - we managed our second session of family time last Sunday - my choice this time as it was my birthday weekend. We picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off from last week's disastrous Saturday and went off for a walk (dad and I ) and a bike ride (the girls) across the Ranges. The rest of the week was mainly routine - school, works, clubs, homework, although I did manage a cheeky meet up for lunch with one of my oldest and bestest friends. This was partly why I failed in catching up with life but as it was two years since the last time I can't really complain! Oh and the boiler was fixed - thank god.

Fleurie red wine - empty bottle
The empty bottle after last weeks 'orrible Saturday - and very nice it was too! 

winter tree reflections
The flooded ranges and blue sky made for some pretty pictures

family bike ride
The girls on their bikes - having a quick chat! The bike ride went remarkably well considering Little Miss hasn't been out much since she got her new bike before Christmas and she's still a bit wobbly sometimes! 

female mallard duck swimming
Practising with my new camera - the duck was a very long way away but I loved the blue water and the golden grasses.

sleeping peacefully
A rare picture of Bigger Miss peacefully asleep, surrounded by her beloved rabbits (maybe not so big after all!)

Emma Bridgewater birthday chicken mug
I didn't manage to get any pics of our lunch together but I enjoyed a steaming hot cup of coffee in my lovely new mug - a birthday pressie from my oldest best friend

Coal tit looking for food
And in further camera practice I give you a Coal Tit - loving the way the new camera can pick the birds up at a distance - they may be my new obsession! This one is aid of the RSPB's #BigGardenBirdwatch this weekend - just google it and spend an hour watching birds in your garden or park to help the birdies :)

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  1. Lots of lovely looking photos outdoors. I've been on birdwatch with the kids today but with all their racket I could see the birds only in the distance! Your capture is great

  2. Love the photos, especially sleeping with the bunnies, my son loves his "stuffies" that share his bed :)

  3. I love the beautiful landscape of the second photo. So lovely!

    I also enjoyed the little bird. They move fast and can be hard to capture, so well done!

  4. I really like the flood picture and am admiring your chicken mug! Our chooks are settling in to their new patch of garden, basically the OH wanted his plot at the bottom of the garden back for his veggies! :)

  5. some stunning photos honey, im so pleased your boiler is up and running .. in this weather you will need it!

  6. Love the beautiful picture of the bike ride. Looks like it was the perfect day for it.we had a new boiler this week too. If I'd had a bottle of fluerie I would have celebrated with it too!

  7. Some lovely outdoor pics this week. Glad you hear the boiler is fixed - no fun being without at this time of year.

  8. that second photo is stunning and what a fantastic shot of the blue tit !
    pleased that your boiler is fixed - just aswell with the colder weather we are having x

  9. Lovely photos - the blue tit shot is really fab!

  10. Lovely photos, esp the flooded ranges pic it's stunning!


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