Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 7 and some Country Kids


Friday, 14 February 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 7 and some Country Kids

Honestly - very few photos taken this week. The world's costliest smallest room is progressing slowly but surely, meanwhile we are squished and squashed even more in our wee house and it has rained and rained and rained. Thankfully we are not being flooded (although we do have a small roof issue) so we cannot really complain and my thoughts go out to those that are.

However most of the photos were taken when I dragged the girls out on the Ranges on Sunday. The sun was spotted in the sky and they were going out no matter what and we did feel so much better for it. I have said before how much I love going over there - it has a stark beauty and great light for photos (check out tomorrow's Sunday photo too).

Oh and Rollercoaster Dad and I went to a concert - you might even call it a gig and had a night away but because of that I am having to write this early so the only pic you have is of the tickets! Oh and I guess I should wish you all Happy Valentines - it hasn't really figured in my week though.

climbing trees
'Look at me!'  -our favourite tree climbing tree

puddle jumping
Trying to jump together in a very small puddle

flooded army ranges
The water has flooded the main ranges but they are very beautiful.

tree in the floods
The trees look like they are paddling too! 
Very deep puddle - almost over wellies
'Look Mum - the water's almost over my wellies!'

skimming stones in puddles
Other ways of making a splash in a puddle - throwing stones in it! 

textures of tree bark
Meanwhile I was looking at the fantastic textures that you get on trees.

More water for the birds
and looking out for the birds - who are quite enjoying the flooded ranges. 

Frank Turner Portsmouth Guildhall tickets
And lastly - the gig tickets! 
 For some slightly less one dimensional weeks check out the Boy and Me as always and for lots more countryside adventures check out Coombe Mill's Country Kids ....

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  1. That is seriously a lot of water! Lovely photos though. #CountryKids

  2. It sounds like you all needed to get out and stretch your legs. Lovely photos of the girls having fun climbing trees and puddle splashing. Thanks for linking up and sharing and I hope you both had a great time at the gig.

  3. The flooding does look beautiful. #CountryKids

  4. Some really scenic shots. Hope you had fun on your night out!

  5. Hope you had a fabulous time at the concert? Great tree-climbing photo, she looks very competent at it! Love the 'plopping pebbles' photos.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. Kids have this amazing ability to enjoy rain regardless, don't they?! Gorgeous photography :)

  7. Lovely shots, love the ones of the tree #project365

  8. those ranges do look very picturesque despite the water logged land. i love the photo of your girls splashing in the tiny puddles. interesting to see the tree markings -i like looking at the different trees when i go for a walk. and your nigth out sounds like fun for you and hubby. x

  9. Love how you've made the floods look so lovely! And Frank Turner - :) hope you had a great night x

  10. There's a serious amount of water there! I love the 1st photo of your daughter in the tree. Great shot!

  11. love the tree in the giant puddle, some really beautiful shots x

  12. honey these pictures are stunning the colours are so beautiful and the third one from the top looks like a painting xx ..beautiful x

  13. Wonderful - there can't be enough muddy puddle pictures in my opinion! The girls look great in their outdoor gear - snug for adventures!


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