Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 8


Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 8

Last week I left you a little early as I had a gig to go to and oh boy it was a good one, hot, sweaty and tiring but good - Wessex Boy Frank Turner you rock and we did 'want to dance'. We stayed the night at the Ibis Hotel just down the road where the public areas were really quite cool, the room basic but clean and the corridors plainly weird.

Rollercoaster Dad and I then had a lazy Valentines day with a spot of shopping and lunch out followed by a rather wet drive to be reunited with the girls at Grandma's. There we made good use of her dog by taking him for some fabulous walks at a local Woodland Trust wood which has a lake, tunnels and rocks and all manner of exciting places to explore. I was planning a Country Kids post on these this week but it will have to wait until the girls go back to school as I just haven't had the time.

Back home chaos reigns. Remember that bathroom - well that's finished but we have started on Bigger Miss's bedroom - so they are still sharing and her furniture and stuff is filling our living room. What with that and working my normal days, half-term has been a little stressful at times but we have managed a couple of activities. Maybe next week normality will return...

Frank Turner - almost crowdsurfing - Portsmouth Guildhall Feb 2014
Frank Turner - epic gig at the Portsmouth Guildhall

walking the dog with Grandma, Woodland Trust
Walking the dog with Grandma. 

sunshine on water, Lake Wood, Woodland Trust
Sunshine (yay!) glinting on the water - I have dozens of photos from our dog walks last weekend but keeping the best for a Country Kids post! 

home-made pizza - much better than from the shops!
We managed a home-made pizza one night after work and the girls loved designing their pizzas, something we have done lots of times before but not for a while (mental note - must do more often!)

Twinkly Jam Jar Lanterns from Florentine and Pig
In preparation for a much overdue review of the fabulous Florentine and Pig books we made Twinkly Jam Jar Lanterns (think I may be busy with all these posts next week!) 

For more half-term fun head on over to the Boy and Me:

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  1. some lovely pictures this week, i love the picture of grandma walking the dog its such a beautiful shot x

  2. sounds like your gig night was epic fun and a wonderful break for you and hubby away together. it has been lovely to see some sunshine this week even if we have not made as full use of it as I would have liked. the lanterns are lovely and my two always enjoy helping to make and design their own pizzas too x

  3. What a fab week - would like to see Frank Turner live, I'm looking ahead to the summer when I have some live music lined up :) The pizzas and days out look great!

  4. The pizzas have just made me very hungry.... lovely!

  5. i am very jealous of the frank turner gig, you lucky lady x

  6. Beautiful shot near the water; everything seems so much better when it is sunny. Love the lanterns too, a lovely idea.

  7. Lovely pictures. The pizza one made me smile though because my girls live going that too x

  8. Having a dog is so great for a family.It makes you leave the house in all weathers and enjoy being outside which makes you enjoy being inside more.

  9. Those jam jar lights are so pretty :)

  10. A lovely set of photos of what sounds like a lovely week. My favourite is the sun on the water, beautiful x

  11. haven't been to a gig in a long time. Glad you enjoyed it. Nothing can beat a woodland walk - happy days :-)

  12. The sun on the water photo is lovely. When we finally get our kitchen sorted I'm going to make pizzas with the girls. We haven't made our own for ages and they love it.

  13. The girls look very pleased with their homemade pizza #Project365

  14. What a nice treat being away for the night.:)
    My favourite piccie is the sun glinting on the water.

  15. The 3rd picture is beautiful! How fab are the lanterns too

  16. Isn't it wonderful to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine and better weather? Great pizza shot, we've just made pizza successfully tonight and think it will be a regular thing from now on.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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