Rollercoaster Mum: Honk! Honk! I got a postcard from Tanzania for International Women's Day #lastingchange


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Honk! Honk! I got a postcard from Tanzania for International Women's Day #lastingchange

So why am I suddenly getting postcards from exotic, foreign climes? Well, it is all to do with the wonderful group of bloggers known as Team Honk who have been busy raising money and awareness for Sports Relief. Right now three of them, Tanya, Annie and Penny, are out in Tanzania to celebrate #iwd2014 and to find out how donations to Comic Relief last year have helped female entrepreneurs to set up successful businesses and so help to effect #lastingchange not just for the women themselves but also their families and communities.

My postcard is of Eliafura - an inspirational lady who makes lovely batiks and tie-dyed material.

International Women's Day #lastingchange

It is often just a small amount of money that can change people's lives here and the Gatsby Trust uses the money they got from Comic Relief to provide training and mentoring to help women get their business's off the ground. This is the sort of project that can instigate #lastingchange in poor countries like Tanzania.

How can you help?

Tweet/share  - please RT, share and support any updates you see with the #lastingchange hashtag.

Donate - you can help create #lastingchange by sponsoring the #teamhonkrelay for Sport Relief

Get involved - join up for your local Sport Relief event here

Thank you for reading and Team Honk, The Gatsby Trust and the wonderful women of Tanzania really appreciate all your help and support for International Women's Day #iwd2014.


  1. I LOVE how you have doen this post and included an actual postcard!!! This lady was so inspirational. Making and selling her own batik and now also training others to do the same. Real proof that #lastingchange is happening!

  2. Great to hear about Eliafura, and what a fantastic way to present the photograph.


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