Rollercoaster Mum: How Does Your Garden Grow? The Spring Flower Edition


Thursday, 6 March 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? The Spring Flower Edition

The garden is still really not fit to be seen except in close up but at least there are signs of things growing. We have rhubarb that is just about ready to be picked and last weekend I planted some garlic. Aside from that we have a few spring flowers showing their pretty heads, little shoots of hope showing here and there and of course the sun has actually shone a few times this week which always makes things a hundred times better.

blue Honesty flower
This is one of those flowers that just appeared under our hedge but comes back every year - I think it is Honesty?

inside a purple crocus flower
Isn't the inside of a crocus just amazing?

bright yellow daffodil
Daffs, being my favourite and all, I had to have a picture of one , although we don't exactly have 'hosts' of them - just the odd one here and there despite planting the bulbs in groups!

white viburnam flower
Even the hedge/ shrubby plants are starting to flower - pretty sure this one is a Viburnam.

a host of purple crocus flowers
Now we do have hosts of these beautiful crocuses though which is gorgeous. I love seeing them open up their faces to the sun and then close again at night or when the weather is just too bad. 

Christmas Rose or hellebore flower
Some of my best loved flowers at this time of year are the hybrid Hellebores or Christmas Roses as my Grandmother used to call them. 

Hellebore or Christmas Rose
Hellebores come in lovely pinky purples too - I love the detail inside the flowers.

Hailstones caught in the grass roots
We have had sun but we have also had hail - this lot stayed around for about 24 hours! The grasses don't look too bad from this angle either!  

Cornus Alba or Dogwood buds
Amazing what things look like in close up - this is a dogwood or Cornus Alba bud. 

closed purple crocus flower
And another purple crocus - this time closed against the grey skies and hail. 

chicken in the garden
And lastly one of our naughty chickens escaped (and made even more of a mess of the garden) but it did mean I got a good picture of her and you get a glimpse of the less pretty bits of our winter ravaged garden.

Linking up with Mammasaurus for lots more inspiring gardens and gardeners: 

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  1. You have lovely flowers in your garden! x

  2. What a wealth of colour. We had an escaping chook so they are now sadly under tighter restrictions in their coop and run!

  3. LOL - naughty chicken. Mine get out from time to time and seem to be able to wreak havoc in a very short space of time!

  4. Oh wow, the Christmas Roses are stunning.

  5. Love those Hellebores - I could photograph them all day. Your chook looks lovely too - even if she does escape!

  6. Yay a chicken - Fab! We had hail like that last week too - it made the herb garden look a bit like it had white ornamental stones on it!
    I love the bright colours, hellebores are one of my new fave things, I can't ever recall seeing them before until grandad pointed them out to me in his garden.
    Sorry for being so late with the comment but I am back from my travels now and sat catching up on the HDYGG posts from Thursday - so many lovely posts this week! As always, thanks for joining in x

  7. Beautiful photos! I love Spring flowers - my favourite time of year x

  8. Isn't it great when they all start peeking up their bright little heads? You have a very impressive array of different colours here.

  9. Spring is such a colourful season, i really do love it

  10. I truly love seeing the garden come back to life in spring. The colours of the crocus are beautiful x #blogclub


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