Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 10


Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 10

We're in double figures already - where did the rest of the year go? As for the last week - it was all about the weather, starting with a day of sunshine last Saturday when the girls played out literally all day, then rain broken by spells of sunshine, hail storms, frost and back to glorious sunshine. There was pancake day (which we celebrated a couple of days late), World Book Day, another trip to Achiever's Assembly and a rather unsuccessful kids stuff sale (but it has forced a bit of a clear out!)

signs of spring leaf bud
I managed to get out in the garden and take some pictures of spring sprunging and even planted some garlic - not sure what this plant is but it has pretty red leaf buds. You can see lots more from the garden here.

silly computer dance
Little Miss taking advantage of a rainy Sunday and doing her mini Boden fantasy island - I think this was the funky crab dance?! 

Ivy seed head after rain
Some torrential rain showers provided some good water droplet shots like this Ivy seed head

sun showing through raindrops
And after the rain came blue skys..

hailstones covering the leaves
and then torrential hail storms. The hail stayed around for over 24 hours and rivers rapidly flooded again.

frosted oak leaf
and then there was frost (a rare sight here this winter)

new moon in winter
The clear skys provided a good view of the new moon. 

turquoise themed room
Lastly I did promise a pic of Bigger Miss's revamped room and here it is - complete with bargain Lebus chest and curtains made with my own fair hands. There is still a couple of touches to be added and I plan a proper post on the whole thing at some point. 
For less weather and more doing head on over to the Boy and Me to see what the rest of the gang has got up to:

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  1. Loved them all! Hailstorms and spring in the air- I miss my days back in the US. :)

  2. How lucky are you to have so many gorgeous signs of spring. How lucky is Bigger Miss to have such a lovely new room.

  3. what brilliant outdoors photos - you have captured almost all the different weathers in one post! that single raindrop is fab and the frost covered leaf and hail stones - you clever thing!
    your daughters bedrom is so pretty i love the injection of that turquoise , makes a change from seeing pink or purple dominating a girls bedroom! xx

  4. you've covered off quite a few seasons this week then! ha ha

  5. Nice bedroom. 6yo would love a pretty bedroom like that

  6. What great water droplet photos. We have been experiencing mostly rain here with the occasional hail stone shower which has not been fun. Her room looks lovely and well done on the curtains...a very fair hand you have indeed!

  7. Great shots! I love the new look bedroom! It's lush!

  8. Love the water droplet shots! The frosty leaf is also really nice. Thanks for sharing!

  9. The water/dew drop shot is amazing. Got to say I love bigger miss bedroom! It is so pretty and the colours are fab! #blogclub x

  10. What amazing photos! The frosty leaf is fantastic...that is one of the things in life that I love more than anything. A bright crisp day with frost! Incredible.

  11. Such lovely photos! The frost is amazing and I just love your daughters face - she looks so happy! My daughter loved doing the Boden entry too! :O)

  12. You've got some amazing pictures here, I love the one of the hailstones especially. And what a lovely bedroom for your little funky crab dancing lady! #blogclub

  13. lovely pictures, especially the frosty ones! Love the revamped room too

  14. Those ivy heads look super-freaky! As was the weather, by the looks of things. That hailstorm sounds impressive.

  15. I love the frosty photos, making me feel all chilly now!


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