Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 13


Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 13

Bit late posting this week as had a bit of a dose of 'can't be arsed' and also been really tired (lots of photos though as includes two weekends - next week might be a bit sparse!) Gas was finally restored last Monday so we have heat and hot water again - yay! Last Sunday however found us at the local swimming pool having a rare family swim with the primary aim of having a shower!

After all that excitement it was Bigger Miss's birthday later in the week - she is 9 - eeek! The birthday itself was fairly quiet as what with school and Brownies she didn't spend much of it at home but she was very pleased to get what she really really wanted which was a sheepskin rug as the finishing touch for her 'new' bedroom. Once the birthday was over the rest of the week was spent gearing up for her Brownie adventure weekend away at PGL. We delivered her there on Friday afternoon and she is expected back for Sunday tea. Little Miss has thoroughly enjoyed being an only child for the weekend with bike rides, trips to Pizza Express and just generally some peace and quiet. So quickly on with the pictures before all hell breaks loose again...

Rain clouds on a country walk, Longmoor Ranges
To stop us being too fed up last weekend I dragged the girls off for a walk on the Ranges, reluctant at first they ended up having a great time and I took some panaromic pics of the rain clouds with Big Miss's camera.
firing a cannon! HMS Victory, Portsmouth
Little Miss on HMS Victory - we had gone down to Portsmouth as Bigger Miss had a Laser Quest party to attend (never again she said afterwards!) so the rest of us had a wander around the dockyards - slightly marred by hordes of foreign students! 
bunting for birthdays
Birthday time and the bunting is up! (bit of a tradition in our house!)

They love each other really! 

Ikea sheepskin rug
Bigger Miss was very very pleased with her sheepskin rug which completes her 'new' bedroom
birthday presents
Bigger Miss modelling more of her birthday presents! 
Birthday cake with chocolate fingers and raspberries
And finally the Birthday Cake - quite proud of this one, it turned out well! 
Pizza Express on an only child weekend
Little Miss enjoying being an only child for the weekend - bike trips to a local park and lunch at Pizza Express! 
graceful white swan
Had I not been chasing Little Miss around the lake I could have taken loads more fabulous pictures of the birds and the blue water but this was the best I got -  I may just have to go back (alone) if there is a sunny day on one of my non-working days! 
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  1. That panoramic view is stunning. Lovely pic of her with the headphones. Birthday bunting is a great tradition and I hoped she has enjoyed it!

  2. So glad you have heat and hot water back! Hope your girl enjoyed her Brownie trip away, I'm sure she had a wonderful's a good opportunity for some extra time with your Little Miss too, love the cannons! #blogclub

  3. Love the colours in Bigger Miss' bedroom and yes, great panoramic cloud shot :)

  4. That panoramic photo of the clouds is amazing.
    And I love the expression on Bigger Miss's face with the headphones. Sounds like a great week :-)

  5. what a fab birthday cake and i hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday. her singing in her headphones made me smile as it reminded me of me at that age but with a hairbrush in my hand instead! those rain clouds look very dark and moody - great capture x

  6. Great panoramic, the birthday cake looks very tasty indeed, but my favourite is the wind in your daughter's hair as she cycles; such freedom!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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