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Friday, 18 April 2014

Country Kids - A Cycle Ride and some Swans

When Bigger Miss went off on her PGL Brownie weekend, we decided we should give Little Miss a bit of a treat too so she got to choose whether we went swimming or cycling and as it was a lovely day she chose cycling. Now, although she is getting better at her cycling rough ground is still a bit of a challenge and as we wanted to have lunch out afterwards we decided to go into the local town and ride around the big pond there. There is a track all the way round which is perfect for cycling and a playground for a bit of variety. Plus it meant we could head off to Pizza Express to refuel afterwards. It was a lovely day and I think I may have to go back on my own one day to get some better pictures as we spent most of the time running after a bike!

Cycling with the wind in your hair!
Here is Little Miss with the wind in her hair cycling around the lake - she went so fast at one stage we lost her which was a bit of a worry! 
sleepy mallard duck
In contrast the ducks were happily snoozing in the sun.
fun racing on the playground horse
Finally we caught up with her as she stopped at the playground - the rocking horse is always a favourite.
cycling for fun
After a brief stop at the playground she was off again- enjoying the freedom on her bike! 
cycling down hill can be scary!
She wasn't quite so keen when Rollercoaster Dad made her cycle down a hill. I had to laugh at her expression of pure terror! (She was fine by the way, did not fall off and the hill wasn't that steep!)

rippling water reeds
I sneaked in a couple of lake photos - I loved the rippling reeds on this one.

pussy willow flowers
I love pussy willow - so pretty and fluffy so I had to try and take a picture. 
Birds on the water, Coot, Swans and Egyptian Geese
I managed to capture a few of the birds on the water including a Coot, some Swans and I think the other birds are Egyptian Geese.
treat time at Pizza Express
After all that strenuous cycling it was time to walk into town for a lunchtime treat at Pizza Express! 
holding hands
And on the way home past the lake it was time to make the most of being an only child for the weekend and hold Daddy's hand. 
Little Miss is now looking forward to Bigger Miss's next trip away - luckily for her only a couple of weeks away!

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  1. It's lovely when you can just focus your attention on one. Looks and sounds lovely. Well at least despite the look of terror she did the hill.

  2. It's so lovely to get one on one time. She looks like she's having such a good time on her bike! #CountryKids

  3. Beautiful day, pretty photos and a happy kid! Love this blog post =) #countrykids

  4. I just looked at this with my girl and we have been inspired to get her bike out today - yet to learn but we are getting there! :)

  5. Lovely to be able to spend time with one and I bet Bigger Miss had a wonderful time on PGL too, Clio used to love going. Love the photo coming down the hill and the pussy willow, a favourite sign of spring for me. Thank you for sharing your day on Country Kids.

  6. What a lovely adventure on a very lovely bike.

  7. What a beautiful day you guys had and how sweet is her bike helmet! #countrykids

  8. Lovely day's out adventure on the bike!

  9. Lovely swans! I rarely see any in my area. Mostly just geese and seagulls.

  10. Looks and sounds like you all had a lovely day and being able to give little miss all of your attention x #blogclub

  11. Looks like you had lots of fun

  12. It looks like she is having the time of her life having you all to herself!

    I love your photos, particularly the one of the reeds on the lake - there are so many textures going on there.

  13. Lovely post! Your photos are beautiful, especially those of Little Miss, she is so pretty x

  14. Wow, what a great you had and that lake area looks fabulous. God on you for a nice treat on the way home too. Mich x

  15. That looks like such a lovely place to spend a day and cycle round. It looks like Little Miss had a superb time! I love your photos too and you are right, they are Egyptian Geese :-) They are such beautiful birds aren't they!

  16. I haven't seen a rocking horse that looks like that in YEARS. Brings back great memories!


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