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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? A brief glimpse..

There isn't much going on in the garden yet but a few things have changed, some flowers have gone over, others are beginning to open and life is rapidly returning. Since the last edition, we have picked and eaten some of that rhubarb, the garlic planted just weeks ago is growing already and lots of seeds have been planted in hope of a harvest later in the year. Yesterday morning was misty after a rainy night which meant a chance to capture some water droplet pictures on the flowers.

blue Muscari Flowers
Muscari flowers

yellow pansy flower
A pansy in bud

purple Hellebore flower
Hellebore flower

new pink leaves
I can't remember the name of this but it is a small deciduous shrub that has reddish leaves in the spring turning to a bright lime green later.

red tulip flower

White plum blossom
The plum tree is in blossom - maybe just maybe we might actually get a plum this year! 

pink flowers on shrub
Again I'm not sure what this is  - may be a Viburnam but it's just coming into flower and has very pretty, delicate, tiny flowers.

blue Muscari flower
Another Muscari flower
silver leaved shrub
Once again not sure what this one is but it has pretty greyish silvery leaves and very small yellow flowers later that smell divine but I just liked the spider webs and misty dew today.
plum blossom
A slightly accidental experimental monochrome plum blossom picture.

signs of growth in the garden
And in other garden news - the Kiwi is growing rapidly up the drainpipe again, we are trying desperately to protect the peas from the bloomin' cats and the parsley has just never stopped...

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  1. Wow - such amazing close ups - the water droplets are incredible! Love the pansy in bud one best :)

  2. I love how the dew/rain drops change the appearance of the flowers and plants. Your muscari flowers are beautiful! Such a bright, vivid colour! x

  3. I love these shots with the dew/rain on them. I cannot wait to start snapping in the garden once husband has cut the jungle of a lawn!

  4. Lovely photos. I love the purple flowers.I am just moving into my new house and need to get started on the garden!

  5. Those grape hyacinths have come out amazingly in the shot. I love the delicacy of raindrops on flowers.

  6. What beautiful pictures. I love the Muscari flower, so pretty x

  7. Oh wow - so good to look at these plants a bit closer up. I'm mesmerised by the bluebell picture!

  8. These photos are just stunning! Love the droplet effects and I think the pansy in bud is my favourite.

  9. whoa everything is so perfect! Even the dew! Everything is soooo pretty! #HDYGG

  10. I do love the droplets on the glowers, they make such great images don't they.

  11. Sorry, that would be 'flowers'!

  12. these are absolutely gorgeous photos!! oh goodness.... the raindrops. love the plum tree blossom. so pretty

  13. That grape hyacinth is so pretty. I planted my garlic in the Autumn and I can't wait to taste it, got a few more months yet though. Loving all the rain drops!

  14. Stunning photos. Particularly love the red leaf with water drops framing its outline.

  15. lovely photos, I love all of the raindrops! I think your shrub might be a spirea… I'm certainly no expert but we have one and yours looks very similar x

  16. There's something really special about drops of rain and dew on petals isn't there? Beautiful shots - and I'm impressed just how much is going on in your garden. Big rhubarb envy here!

    Thank you for joining in again xx

  17. Wow! Look at those droplets! Totally gorgeous!!

    I also love the spiders web - but I have such mixed emotions about how pretty they are seeing as I'm a major arachnaphobe :p

  18. Gosh you must have an amazing lens, those pictures are wonderful. Well done, Mich x

  19. Oh my word you have so much going on in the garden, so many pretty colours. Love a macro lens and water droplets, it's the best :)

  20. Beautiful. I love macro photographs and these are ace. Look at all that parsley. I have bought some recently and hope it grows like yours. Parsley reminds me of my first garden as a child, my dad had it growing in old pots and I can remember touching the curly leaves as I went past on my little trike. Isn't it funny what you remember.

  21. Great photos, I love the water droplets. #hdygg

  22. Some gorgeous close up pictures:)

  23. Love taking water droplet pictures - do you do it in private or do you get funny looks like I do when grovelling in the front garden?

    1. Haha - that made me laugh! I do try to wait until there's nobody going past (luckily it's a relatively quiet road) but I'm sure the neighbours think I'm bonkers!!

  24. our garden looks awful at the moment, we really must get a wriggle to get everything ready to go! love the fourth photo with the droplets all hanging on the end, love it x

  25. I love the rain drops on flowers, how beautiful. The plum tree blossom and hellebores are my favourites, just lush

  26. beautiful close ups, i love all the water droplets.

  27. Wow those pictures are amazing, I especially love the water droplet ones.


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