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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Let's Have an Adventure - Five find a new Favourite Place

The girls and I love going on little adventures, whether it be in familiar places like the nearby ranges or exploring new ones, as we did with some of their friends one day in the Easter holidays when we discovered the National Trust's Waggoners Wells- our new favourite place. I'm super excited to be sharing this one with you as I am also co-hosting the 'Let's Have an Adventure' linky this week with the wonderful and talented photographer Gingerlillytea and her equally lovely and talented best friend All of My Days with You. This in itself is a bit of a blog adventure for me as I have never hosted a linky before either so please do join in or just enjoy exploring with the Rollercoasters and all the other adventurers. 

Enough waffle - let's go have an adventure:

All about the National Trust Waggoners Wells
One day in the Easter holidays with four girls, rather than the usual two it was definitely a day for exploring. I had been recommended nearby Waggoners Wells by a friend and so off we set to see what adventures we could find. Little did we know the myriad of delights and fun that we had to discover. This notice near the entrance tells you a little bit about it all so I don't have to! 

Lashings of ginger beer at National Trust Waggoners Wells
As soon as we arrived it was time for the picnic  - not exactly lashings of ginger beer but at least it meant that I didn't have so much to carry. We found a perfect spot near a huge fallen tree - a flat spot for the rug and a tree to sit on.
great view for a picnic at National Trust Waggoners Wells
For some reason four of us needed to take our wellies off *ahem* but at least they didn't spoil the view.

always time for a paddle at National Trust Waggoners Wells
Luckily it was deemed sensible to put wellies back on before going for a paddle in what looked like a miniature ford. 

look who's King of the Castle at National Trust Waggoners Wells
Look who is 'King of the Castle' ..

releasing faires through a fairy door at National Trust Waggoners Wells
There were hundreds of natural fairy doors and the two youngest girls had lots of fun 'releasing fairies' into the doors.

balancing act at National Trust Waggoners Wells
Whilst the younger ones were releasing fairies the older ones were practising their balancing skills. 

The beautiful and mysterious middle lake at National Trust Waggoners Wells
And the oldest one (me) appreciated the scenery like the beautiful and mysterious middle lake

yellow Kingcup reflections at National Trust Waggoners Wells
and the reflection of the Kingcups on the water.

balancing over the water at National Trust Waggoners Wells
Bigger Miss struck out on a limb over the water in search of the ducks.

resting Mallard ducks at National Trust Waggoners Wells
The ducks however were all gathered together for a quack on a nearby branch.

Tree root climbing frame at National Trust Waggoners Wells
There were literally squeals of delight on spotting this natural climbing frame and it took me hours to tear them away.
caves made from tree roots at National Trust Waggoners Wells
Not only were the tree roots made for climbing they also made brilliant caves.

wooden bridge at National Trust Waggoners Wells
I got a bit bored and started taking pictures of our beautiful surroundings.
Tennyson's poem by the Wishing Well at National Trust Waggoners Wells
We very nearly turned round and went home after the climbing but something made us go on and we stumbled on this Wishing Well which all four girls were fascinated by. 
paddling in the stream at National Trust Waggoners Wells
Just down from the well was a beautiful babbling stream - perfect for paddling. 
playing Pooh Sticks at National Trust Waggoners Wells
We found a perfect bridge for a game of Pooh Sticks before turning for home.
trees with faces at National Trust Waggoners Wells
Little Miss found a tree with a face and big chubby cheeks - can you see it?

Signs of spring - shhots and flowers at National Trust Waggoners Wells
True to form I was often to be found taking pictures of the flowers and leaves. 

Mallard ducklings at National Trust Waggoners Wells
The final delight was spotting a little family of fluffy ducklings, complete with mum and dad.

I literally had to drag the girls home - we had spent 3 hours exploring and we are already planning our next visit. What an adventure! 


Also linking up with Country Kids at Coombe Mill.  

'Let's Have an Adventure' is a monthly linky posted on the 26th of each month. It's open for brand new adventures or old favourites. Keri-Anne and Hannah (and of course the Rollercoasters) would love to have you join us and our merry band of adventurers and please check out everyone else's and give a bit of comment love if you can. Thank you xxx.



  1. What a gorgeous adventure, and a beautiful place to visit. I've totally fallen in love, and will be investigating taking my own boys here. So glad to have found your blog #CountryKids

  2. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit. I love the natural fairy doors in trees :)

    Fiona @

  3. We love exploring we we love exploring & finding new places too. Gorgeous photos, especially the pooh sticks and wishing well ones x

  4. A beautiful NT property with so much to explore and great fun for the children - nature provides a wonderful playground. Lovely photos of the girls and great finds with the face, fairy doors and climbing frame, thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  5. What a beautiful place! The root system is amazing and the girls look like they are having such a good time! I love the photos of the girls on the bridge :-) x

  6. That looks like a beautiful place to go exploring. Lovely pictures too x

  7. Really does look beautiful, love the lake and the abandoned wellies! #CountryKids

  8. Amazing photos! I especially lo ve the water with reflection shot. It is very calming. #countrykids

  9. What beautiful photographs. And a great day out exploring. I think it would have been difficult to tear me away from climbing the tree roots, too. #countrykids

  10. This looks like a wonderful day out! I love the picture of the girls on the bridge x #blogclub

  11. Beautiful pictures. This is a great link up, I co-hosted a while ago x

  12. Funny isn't it?, I always my shoes off for a picnic! Great tree roots, my ids woudl love to crawl in those. Mich x

  13. There is not one bit of this which doesn't look absolutely brilliant! What could be better than trees and water and fairies?? I'm going ...

  14. This sounds like a great adventure - we love finding new places to visit so this is now noted in our diary for the summer!

  15. Thank you so much for co-hosting with us! xxx


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