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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 14

As predicted last week I haven't taken many pictures in the last few days and it's been a pretty mundane week. Last Sunday finished on a high when Bigger Miss returned and we celebrated Mother's Day with afternoon tea in the garden. It was the last week of term at school and I think we are all a bit tired (including me.) Even the weather hasn't been quite as nice this week and I was (am actually) thoroughly fed up with the news that the car needs a new clutch and that it can't be fixed until next Monday which rather puts the kybosh on going anywhere the first week of the holidays, not to mention the cost which after fixing bathrooms and boiler we can ill afford. Anyway enough of our issues and on with the pictures:

Mother's day cards and afternoon tea
Last Sunday was of course Mothering Sunday and when Bigger Miss returned from her PGL Brownie adventure we had a special afternoon tea in the garden - complete with Little Miss's teddies! 
Volcanic egg decorating
We tried to decorate the eggs for the school egg rolling using a 'volcano' method with Bicarb of Soda, vinegar and food colouring, something I had seen on Pinterest, but although they looked great at this stage it all washed off. Oh well we had fun trying! 

7 spot ladybug
I tried to capture a couple of insects on film one sunny day in the garden  and this ladybird was reasonably accommodating! 
bee feeding on plum blossom
This bee collecting nectar from the plum blossom was a bit of a harder one to catch. 

Snail's home in Magnolia flower
This snail in the Magnolia flower has to be my favourite though  - although maybe not the best photo.  

beautiful pink cherry blossom
Lastly, I couldn't resist another picture of the gorgeous blossom on this ornamental cherry that we pass every day on the way to and from school. Definitely something that cheers me up.
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  1. Mothering sunday looks like a great treat! What beautiful photos of the action in your garden. Sorry about all the added expenditure you have been experiencing...i very much understand that kind of pain!

  2. stunning photos, love the attempt on decorating the egg, very clever!!

  3. Your afternoon tea looks delicious

  4. wow you lucky thing that afternoon tea looked lush!! also some super close ups this week x

  5. Love the egg, even if it did wash off, it's pretty stunning. Those blossoms are so pretty

  6. What a fab looking afternoon tea! Wonderful. Those blossom photo's are fab also! x

  7. the close up of the ladybird is great, such pretty insects with their post box red colour. and what a good eye you have to have noticed the teeny snail inside that flower!
    the eggs look brilliant - so eye catching and clever , shame the colours all washed off but good that you took a photo,.
    and your mothers day picnic looks such fun xx

  8. I adore your cherry blossom photo but that volcano egg looks so colourful! Shame it didn't last. Hope this week has more to look forward to for you :-)

  9. Love the last two photos with the blossoms and the snail.

  10. I love the mini beasts photographs! I love taking photos of insects and the like - when I'm feeling brave!! We found a frog in our garden at the weekend, and he was the subject of day 95 for my Project 365!

    Hubs and the boy organised a picnic for me for Mother's Day too - they're such a treat aren't they?! xx

  11. Beautiful nature shots this week. I was determined to get one of blossom in my Project 365 week 14 but failed! Oh well, will have to admire yours instead. Loving the idea of the volcano egg too - how fab!

  12. Wow, that egg looks amazing! I must look up how to do it.....I think my two would love it. Great pics, as always.

  13. What lovely pictures! Looks like you have had such a fun time x

  14. Our blossom is really starting to bloom now, I do love seeing it on the trees. Your tea party looks fab :-) I hope you get your car sorted, if there's one thing I hate spending on it's the cars. It is always so expensive. Hope you have a lovely week x #blogclub

  15. Lovely photos and what a cute tea party with the teddies x

  16. Booo to the clutch but Yay to pretty blossom and yummy food! x

  17. I'm sorry to hear about the car - what a pig!

    I really love the look of those eggs even if they didn't work long term.

  18. That egg looks wonderful, even if it didn't last very long! I love the bug pictures too. I enjoy photographing bugs in the garden and I agree about the snail in the magnolia., it is a beautiful shot x

  19. What beautiful pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful mothers day. The flowers and cute bugs are fabby too :-)
    Love Vicky

  20. Some brilliant photos - I do like the fresh look that Spring brings to outside shots! #blogclub

  21. Such beautiful photos there! Love the little ladybug and the cherry blossoms.


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