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Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 16

Despite Little Miss taking a few days to properly get over last week's vomiting session (thankfully the rest of us seemed to have managed to dodge that one) we had a better week. First up was Bigger Miss's belated birthday treat to do Tree Top Junior and go for a pizza with a friend. The car was finally fixed on Monday (albeit not cheaply) and so we were able to meet up with some friends for a walk and a play. We survived looking after a friends kids for two days and found a new favourite place for outdoor adventures - all helped by lots of sunshine. We even managed to fit in a little bit of Easter crafting. Can't wait for a rest and return to normality next week!

Go Ape Tree Top Junior, Alice Holt Forest
I took loads of pictures of Bigger Miss on her Go Ape adventure so I just has to do a collage. She and her friend had a great time and managed 5 rounds in their alloted hour. She loved it and it was a real treat.

beautiful chalk stream, Alresford
Little Miss on the beautiful walk around Alresford with some friends. She was actually watching a duck but the cottage is pretty cool with it's rooms crossing the chalk stream.
picnic at Waggoner's Wells, National Trust
Our new favourite place - we had a picnic and spent all afternoon outside exploring.
Wishing Well and climbing roots, Waggoner's Wells, National Trust
There was so much to explore, three lakes, tree roots to climb, wishing wells and bridges to play pooh sticks - we will definitely be going back (and there will be a Country Kids post at some point!)

duckling family, Waggoner's Wells, National Trust
We even saw the most adorable family of fluffy ducklings.
Spring flowers- narcissus and pink blossom
And I had to take some flower pics - loved these narcissus and the glorious pink blossom. 
Homemade cards and Easter crafts
Your eyes are not deceiving you, these are Easter crafts (well some are!) The girls made Easter bonnets and we used Red Ted Craft to try and make some egg carton chicken egg cups (not as easy as she makes it look!) The top picture is of the birthday cards that my very clever (and far better at crafting than me) Bigger Miss made for all the family birthdays this week

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to explore. Great fun climbing those tree roots!

    I know what you mean about crafts looking easy. I've had what can only be described as a pretty disastrous crafting week! #365

  2. That very first photo with the sun shining through the trees is stunning. Love the pond photo too, I can see why it's your new favourite place. Those tree roots look amazing to climb!

  3. Those exposed tree roots are awesome! I would totally climb them too.

  4. Looks like a fun day. And you guys did a great job with the Easter crafts! #blogclub

  5. What a fun week! That cottage over the stream is stunning isn't it?

  6. Looks like a fab week! I really want to go to Go Ape myself! X

  7. Looks like you've all had a great week and you've got some beautiful pictures to treasure x

  8. wow some amazing adventures this week! x

  9. Lovely photographs, looks like you've been busy, that cottage looks so beautiful x

  10. What a lovely area to be in. The cottage and the woods look so idyllic. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend x

  11. Wow beautiful pictures, such a lovely place to explore. Love all the crafty stuff too x

  12. Brilliant pictures! Alresford looks so pretty, I don't think that is far from us x

  13. The Go Ape does look such fun and you took some great photos of it too. i think your egg carton chickens look good actually, much better than anything I could make. Alresford does look very picturesque - i can see why you all enjoyed your time there exploring x

  14. What absolutely gorgeous photos! The girls were brave to do the tree top challenge - I don't think you'd catch me up there in a million years lol x

  15. I love tree roots, lots of climbing fun. Mich x

  16. The photos from the Go Ape challenge are wonderful, love the one looking up into the sunlight with the hexagon bridge. Amazingly clear reflections in the water too.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  17. I love the house over the river....might be a bit scary if the rainfall's high, though!

  18. Oh my god I love that cottage! I would love to live there.

  19. Great photos, looks like a great week!


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