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Friday, 30 May 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - C is for ....

I hope you like flowers. I take a lot of pictures of flowers! In this case I have gone for these and so this weeks #alphabetphoto C is for:


We have had these two Clematis plants for quite a few years now and every year I think that they may not survive. They are planted in two, not particularly big, pots either side of the shed door. Clematis are supposed to want deep roots and the pots don't really provide that which makes it doubly amazing that they produce these beautiful flowers year after year.

Purple and white Clematis flower

pink and purple Clematis flower

Linking up with the lovely Charly over at PODcast on her Alphabet Photography Project. 


  1. Love the detail you were able to capture in the flowers, beautiful!

  2. stunning, am a huge fan of close ups, lovely shots, clematis are so beautiful #labA #thealphabetphotoproject

  3. I love clematis too, in fact I think I have the same one as your top one. It is very similar at least.. beautiful aren't they :-)

  4. Wonderful photos - especially love that first one. What a joy they keep appearing each year, think ours and turned to dust! Such fabulous detail, thank you so much for sharing #alphabetphoto

  5. Love these photos, the flowers are so pretty


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