Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 18


Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 18

I was a bit stuck for photos this week and then the sun shone today and suddenly it all seemed easier but nonetheless  haven't been overly inspired as you can tell!

kneading the dough for iced buns
Whilst Bigger Miss was still gallivanting away with the Brownies at Butlins, Little Miss and I decided to make another recipe from Paddington's cookbook - this time it was Iced Sticky Buns. They turned out pretty well (although they did take ages to do) but I failed to take any pictures of the finished product so you have Little Miss kneading.

100 years - The Big Brownie Birthday Butlins badge
Bigger Miss returned on Sunday night full of stories of Butlins and with another  two badges for me to sew on, just to add to the other three (all enormous) badges that I needed to sew on to her gilet - that was Tuesday night's job - took me bloomin' hours! 
elephant-eared saxifrage, Elephant's Ears or Bergenia Cordifolia flowers
Ubiquitous flower shot - it's that Elephant Eared Saxifrage again.

packages in the post, #MorrisonsMum
Thursday brought two nice surprises from the postman. I was thrilled to have been picked as one of this weekend's #MorrisonsMum's and to get some vouchers to shop at Morrisons with this weekend. There was also a book for Bigger Miss and me to review which I have already started to read. Love it when the postman brings nice stuff.
sparkly temporary fairy tattoo
Little Miss had two parties this weekend, one being a pyjama and film party with the addition of tattoos and nail polish - pampering for six year olds. She came home with this tattoo which is very appropriate for her! 
double bubble blowing
We've had quite a lazy Bank Holiday Weekend just chilling out mostly. We seem to spend so many holidays and weekends away or busy that it's quite nice just to chill out in our own garden - especially when the sun is shining like it did on Saturday. We got the bubble mixture out and the girls thought I was amazing for blowing big bubbles - glad they think I'm good at something! 

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  1. A lovely week and I want that tattoo!

  2. Looks like a fab week to me and not lacking inspiration to me at all! Love the flower one and the bubble one! #365

  3. I must admit that 5 months in and I've found Project 365 tricky on some days too. Well done on sewing those Brownie badges on, I've got more than a dozen cub ones stacking up here!

  4. Lovely bubbles shot! She is doing a great job with that kneading!

  5. i really like the bubbles shot and making sticky iced buns is fun and i bet theyvtasted good too being homemade. x

  6. Pah! We were meant to be having a Butlin's Ambassadors meeting in Bognor Regis that weekend but the place was over-run with Brownies and they relocated it to Skegness, boo! However, hope she had an amazing time.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.


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