Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 21


Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 21

After last week's school fair it was a chill out day on Sunday, making the most of that gorgeous sunny weather which lasted long enough for an after school garden picnic on Monday. By the time Tuesday came and I had to spend ALL day wandering around a local town while Rollercoaster Dad's car was being fixed the sun had unfortunately disappeared. However I still enjoyed whiling away an hour or so of it wandering around the small Physic garden and taking a tonne of pictures. Other than that pictures have been hard to come by this week as the rain returned, although we did manage to walk to school every day in Walk to School Week. Enough waffle on with the pics:

picnic in the garden
First of the year snacky tea picnic in the garden after school - wish the weather was still like this! 

secret door,  Petersfield Physic Garden
Secret garden doors - love them! 

pretty blue and purple flower,  Petersfield Physic Garden
Ubiquitous flower shot taken at the Physic garden - I took so many photos there I will have to do a separate post on it. 

hairy caterpillars, grow your own
The hairy caterpillars the girls made at the Royal School Grow For It event a couple of weeks ago - they are like hairy carpet caterpillars - amazing! 

Robin red breast
And lastly we have been enjoying watching a family of robins in the garden. I think they have a nest in our hedge and it is so lovely to see them bobbing around the garden. 

To see if the rain has returned for the rest of the gang head on over to the Boy and Me:

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  1. We've not had a garden picnic yet but we will when the sun makes an appearance again. I love your photos :) #365

  2. what a fab robin photo, he looks like you were only 3 inches away from him, great zoom. Those caterpillars have come on well, looking good, they may even need a trim shortly. Doors always intrigue me when they appear to go nowhere

  3. Awesome photos! Especially like the first couple - the picnic and the secret door! Plus of course the robin. Such a shame the fabulous weather didn't stay, it was glorious for a time. Let's hope it returns soon :)

  4. Such lovely close-ups! The top photo is especially lovely. The weather totally teased us last week didn't it - bring on some more sunshine!

  5. wow some amazing shots!! the picture of the robin is my face its just stunning x

  6. I tried to snap a robin at school the other day but faffed trying to get my phone out and he was gone, love this pic. I cannot wait for the warm sunny weather to return - it makes all the difference :)

  7. Beautiful photos. Love the top one and wish the weather was still warm too. The secret door and robin are beautiful too x

  8. What a lovely round up! I love your photo's #365

  9. what a fantastic photo of the robin - so clear and well taken.
    i love picnics and i love secret doors too - i would love to see what is on the other side x

  10. Looks like a lovely garden picnic. Love those caterpillars!


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