Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 22


Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 22

It's been an adventurous week according to Little Miss's declaration in the car yesterday. I guess she's right up to a point - it has certainly been a busy half term. We went to stay at Grandma's for a couple of days, explored Winnie the Pooh country, visited Rollercoaster Dad at work, went to see the Lego Movie, the girls did cooking with Daddy and decoupage with Mummy, built a dam and tried our hand at orienteering and there is more busyness planned before they return to school. We even squeezed in a barbecue today. I have a multitude of photos so here are just a few:

macro Allium flower
Ubiquitous flower from Grandma's garden. Actually quite tough to choose as took loads of pictures as unlike us she actually has some flowers! 
Fun with the garden trolley
The girls spent hours pulling each other and their teddies around Grandma's garden on her garden trolley - and when they got bored of that there was the bikes !
view from the secret cave, Lake Wood, Woodland Trust
Dog walks at Grandma's are the best when you go somewhere this exciting - caves, boathouses, tunnels and rocks to climb.
the tunnel, Lake Wood, Woodland Trust
Heading into one of the 'secret' tunnels!
Winnie the Pooh's Enchanted Place, Ashdown Forest
Winnie the Pooh's 'Enchanted Place' on Ashdown Forest - one of my favourite ever places.
building a dam, #50things, Waggoner's Wells, National Trust
Ticking off another of our #50things - building a dam across a stream. We visited our new favourite place - Waggoner's Wells again for a spot of dam building.
decoupage project of Ikea Knuff Magazine Rack, Ikea Hack
The girls and I had lots of fun decoupaging these Knuff IkeaMagazine racks - our first go at decoupage and it was really easy! 
Sheltering under the Gunnera leaves, The Vyne, National Trust
Using Bigger Miss's voucher from the National Trust that she got last year for completing 25 of her #50things we revisited the Vyne and spent most of the time having a go at orienteering in the very muddy woods (another #50things ticked off) but I didn't get any pics of them doing it but they did have fun admiring the size of the Gunnera leaves.
For lots more half term fun head on over to The Boy and Me:

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  1. wow i am loving those secret tunnels! x

  2. That shot looking out from a cave is stunning. I do like the photos of all the teddies in the garden trolley! That dam looks like fun.

  3. Exploring secret tunnels must be great fun.

  4. Wow love the outdoor fun! grandma's looks like great fun with beautiful walks. Those leaves are pretty impressive!

  5. My son would be SO jealous of that trolley! He always wants me to buy him one when we go to the garden centre!

  6. Wow that certainly has been an adventurous week, Looks like you had loads of fun, We love winnie the pooh country too - mainly pooh bridge as haven't found the 'enchanted place' so will have to look out for that next time. Love those huge leaves in that last photo too. xxx

  7. It sounds (and looks) like you have had a lovely busy week! What lovely photos! Love the last one of the girls and the one of the water is just gorgeous x

  8. I like the look of your new magazine racks... so many colours... lovely!

  9. This looks like a fantastic half term, and I love the idea of those magazine racks, might have to try this with Annie x

  10. great photos and such pretty girls, looks like you had a great time.

  11. you always make out that your week has not been very excitng but your photos show such a different story!
    that garden trolley looks like a lot of fun!
    the photo beneath the trolley one is stunning by the way! what beautiful scenery to walk in x

  12. This looks like a fantastic week and some really wonderful photos to record the memories. I love the look of that garden trolley - hours of fun for any child! And who doesn't love a bit of Winnie the Pooh?!

  13. Beautiful photos. Sounds like you had a lovely week! I love those giant plants :)

  14. Some lovely photos, I really like the garden trolley photo with all the teddies, just lovely #365


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