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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What's your pets name?

Why do I ask? Well according to this fun UK pet facts video infographic from Petplan the most common dog's name is Alfie (I know an Archie and several Bonnie's but no Alfies), with cats and horses Charlie comes out on top and for rabbits it's Daisy. Now I wonder what it is for chickens or fish? All our chickens have been named after curries (yes really - guess whose idea that was!) and the fish, I have to admit, have not all been named. It also transpires that most pet owners seem to be called Sarah except if you have a dog and then you are very likely to be called David!!

There are all sorts of other fascinating facts in the video - bet you can't guess the age of the oldest horse they insure?! It's really quite fun and of course it reminds you that it really is worth remembering to insure those most important members of the family - there's no NHS for pets!

Disclosure: sponsored video on behalf of Petplan


  1. Ha ha - well I'm called Sarah although I don't have a horse or a rabbit. I DO have a cat called Eddie (black short haired female) and a Border Collie called Gus. We used to have a hamster called Sir Frederick Fluff Balls but he sadly passed on to hamster heaven.

  2. Haha well we have had Tyson and Bob the hamsters, who are sadly no longer with us. JoJo the rabbit also in rabbit heaven, and Tito the beagle who isn't with us any more. We currently still have Buddy and Norman the beagles and Stewie the rabbit! xx


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