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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - F is for ...

I had many ideas for F and yet no definite ideas so it's taken me this long to decide. Was it to be our Fish (can be tricky to photograph in a tank), maybe some of our Fruit harvest, one of the girls being Friends or Feathers from the chickens but anyone who has read my blog a couple of times probably knows that F has to be for...

(although I have a little surprise at the end!)

#alphabetphoto, F is for Flower, Rhododendron flower

#alphabetphoto, F is for Flower, Rose bud

#alphabetphoto, F is for Flower

#alphabetphoto, F is for Flower, Geranium flower

and - Frog ...

#alphabetphoto, F is for Frog, froglet

OK I couldn't resist a sneaky F for Frog at the end as I spotted this little one on the school run this week.

Linking up with the ever so talented Charly from PODcast and her Alphabet Photography Project.


  1. hahaha love the surprsise frog!!! wonder if he will turn into a prince?? ;) #alphabetphoto x

  2. Brilliant - love a good surprise! The flower photographs are wonderful though too. You know I love photographing blooms! I always find if I'm stuck an online dictionary is a good call - or Scrabble words! Had nothing for G then boom it hit me! Great post, thank you so much for sharing, G Linky will be live just after midnight until Tuesday x


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