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Friday, 4 July 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - H is for ....

As usual there were a couple of contenders for the letter H's #alphabetphoto. Hammock was up there as a favourite and Heather, Horse and Harvest were runners but I when I found this photo, taken in Grandma's garden a few weeks ago I knew that H had to be for.....


He sits overlooking a small pond with goldfish in and I love that he has moss growing over him. Maybe one day I might get to photograph the real thing - that would be good.

#alphabetphoto, stone Hedgehog

If you would like to see some other fabulous ideas for H then head on over to the ever lovely PODcast and her Alphabet Photography project.


  1. He has certainly become part of your garden hasn't he, I love the moss growing on him too. My mum & dad have one just like this in their garden. They are always moving it though and the grandchildren love searching for it. #alphabetphoto

  2. I love how the moss adds to the effect! Lovely part of the garden x #alphabetphoto

  3. Oh he's awesome especially with all the moss, adds character. My dad has a hedgehog in his garden but without the moss, it's lovely but not quite the same. Great call for H, thank you so much for sharing #alphabetphoto

  4. He's great, I love the way the moss is growing on his back #alphabetphoto


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