Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 28 and Week 29


Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 28 and Week 29

With end of school year approaching it has been busier than ever and what with all the luvverly sunshine I have been a bit slack on the old blog front so it's two weeks in one again I'm afraid. Currently trying to finish this whilst thunder roars, lightning flashes and rain hammers on the roof - lets hope the sun shines again in the morning.

teacher's gifts, decoupage
Doing some craft - decoupaging the teacher's presents

team talk, mini Olympics
Bigger Miss was a last minute entry into a local school's tournament of Mini Olympics - she even came second ina a race and she absolutely loved the whole thing - it really put her on top of the world. 

new jeans, mini Boden
I was a bit naughty and couldn't resist these gorgeous coloured jeans for the girls in the Boden sale - they were such a bargain and here they are showing them off. Little Miss's top is also Boden. Loving the outfits! 
fledgling Starlings
Spotted these fledgling starlings on the 'phone wires on the school run.

Hydrangea flower
Hydrangeas really are rather lovely.
summer cornfield
OK so this is heavily pimped but it's still a cool view to pass on the school run! 

Little Miss looking all growed up! 

school clarinet
My beautiful Bigger Miss at her clarinet concert

icing as art
For the last Art Club at school Bigger Miss did icing as art! 
Frensham Little Pond, National Trust
And lastly this one - it was such a gorgeous afternoon that as soon as I had collected then from school we changed, grabbed a picnic and headed off to this beautiful spot for a picnic, a paddle and a stroll.

Linking up as always with the far more organised people doing their 365 over at the Boy and Me:

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  1. Lovely pics. Gorgeous girls in their lovely new trousers. Wish I was their teacher getting those lovely presents. Lovely silhouetted starlings. A great round up.

  2. Lovely pictures, the last one is just beautiful! I have to admit I LOVE hydrangeas, we have two large ones at the front and have just added a white one too. Have a lovely week x #project365

  3. such lovely photos - i especially love the last one with the girls paddling and the sunshine's beams sparkling on the water. i love those spur of the moment outings.
    i love Boden i only wish i could afford more clothes for the boys more often. and i am sure their teachers are going to love their gifts x

  4. I love love LOVE that final photo. Just stunning. What gorgeous girlies you have and dont they look grown up far too quickly nowadays!!! x

  5. I do love nature photos! I pass some hydrangeas on one of my walks but didn't know what they were, oops! #project365


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