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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Versatile Blogger - Seven things you didn't know about me!

Well, I have been tagged for the first time (how exciting) and not just once but twice. I have been tagged both by the lovely Love in the Nest as well as the marvellous mammasaver. Thank you very much ladies! And apologies it's taken me so long to pass it on (been one of those weeks!) Oh and it's an award - gotta love that.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs

So here are the seven things you didn't know about me - probably easier now than when my blog is older and you get to know loads about me!

1/ I cannot get up in the morning without a cup of (strongish) black coffee and several cups through the day! Even when I was pregnant I still had one precious cup in the morning - in fact for anyone who was observant it was a good way to tell if I was pregnant (why is she drinking tea all of a sudden!)

2/ I really really didn't want children - hated rugrats with a passion - could not think why someone would want something that pooed and puked and screamed and then used all your money but I now love my two to bits and occasionally get broody for another (that ain't happening though!)

3/ When I eat an apple I eat the core as well (basically all of it except the stalk!). Don't know why except my mum does too.

4/ I wear make-up everyday. Can't leave the house without it - probably a sign of insecurity - or maybe just a habit. I don't wear loads - just foundationy stuff and mascara mostly but can't imagine being seen without it. I have very occasionally when on holiday and feeling pleasantly tanned dared to be bare!

5/ My absolute dream would be to own a smallholding - with apple orchards, chickens and a pig or two - you get the idea. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a hero of mine and River Cottage the dream!! So far we have two chickens and a very small veg patch (but we are hoping we might get an allotment).

6/ I was once a Psycho billy - this is not a murderous redneck but a music genre - sort of punk crossed with Rockabilly. Hair was quiffed everyday and I was a demon in the mosh pit (at least I like to think I was!!). Bands had names like the Meteors and songs titles like 'Eat the Baby' (I kid you not).

 7/ I wanted to be a vet when I was younger. I had a Saturday job at the local vets and loved it. I had good grade predictions for A levels and a place at vet school but rather spectacularly missed on the A level results. At the time I blamed it on discovering booze and boys but in hindsight I think it probably had more to do with a very sick Dad who passed away less than 6 months later (more of that another day).

Well I guess that's it - a slightly random collection of seven things about me. Now all I have to do is tag 15 more people - yes FIFTEEN! I will do my best but may not manage 15.

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Phew - did it! Apologies if any of you have been tagged on this before but 15 is quite an ask! Meant I got to read lots of lovely blogs though!


  1. Am with you on the make up front. Mine is minimal too, but I still don't feel dressed without my face on!

  2. What a great 7!

    I personally consider apple pips a delicacy. Eating the whole core is hardcore though!

    I am absolutely with you on the caffeine start to the morning. I honestly don't know what time I'd properly 'come to' without mine!

    Thanks for accepting the tag!

  3. Yeah, with you on the make-up, especially foundation. I try to be subtle though. It's Orange Wednesday in our village every day, if you know what I mean. x


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