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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 Keyword Searches on my blog

Well once again the lovely Kate at Kate Takes 5 has taught me something new about my blog with her Listography linky. I had no idea how to find this information - and I'm very glad she has let me in on the secret otherwise I would not have been able to join in with this Listography!

Being a very new blog my keyword searches are pretty low altogether but here are the top 5 for what it's worth and I shall certainly be keeping an eye on them from now on in case any weird and wonderful ones pop up.

1. rollercoaster mum blogspot - my blog name so no surprises there - although not sure who might be searching for it when hardly anyone knows about it!

2. and I would freak so even - freaky! why?

3. bat in the bedroom - ahh well I am obviously not the only person who has had this problem.

4. bentota beach - not so surprising as people often search for hotels and places and this was mentioned in my special places post for that other famous linky the Gallery as it is where OH and I got married.

5. and went to bed - again why would you search for that? Is it people looking for bedtime action or just sleep - who knows?

Well there they are - not that entertaining yet but I look forward to a few months time!  Having said that I have now played around with this page and see that you get different results for this week or this month and for all time and these others have produced some interesting searches including motherexia (what's that?), rollercoaster bedroom (they may have been disappointed) and recovery after an ectopic pregnancy (this one pleases me as I hope I might have helped there).

Oh and if you don't know how to find this information on blogger you need to go to Stats on the Dashboard, Traffic Sources and then All Time and scroll down. Sorry don't know what you do for Wordpress. Right I am off to google motherexia.

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  1. Ew bats in the bedroom, that IS freaky! Glad you could join in - you got in there just in time - this weeks new Listography is now open!


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