Rollercoaster Mum: Nov 11th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 11 - Where do you do it?


Friday, 11 November 2011

Nov 11th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 11 - Where do you do it?

Ooh err! No no no - don't get too excited this is not an adults only post.

I have been tagged by the wonderful Helloitsgemma to show you where I blogplatz (more blog speak!) - that is where you do your blogging. The other question is what is the state of your blogplatz? Are you a saint or a slattern as asked by the lovely Bibsey who started all this.

I have two main places I blog - during the day (when OH and kids out or busy) it is here on the dining table - not too slatternly, although the table can end up looking pretty messy (I am prone to piles of paper and magazines which drives OH mad and periodically get sorted). Oh and the flowers are not a regular feature - OH bought me them the other day - he hasn't done that for years - hmmmm...

The other place is here, on the sofa - this is where I blog at night when everyone else has gone to bed (yay!) and I am finally allowed to sit on said sofa. In this case what you don't get from the photo is that I am usually sitting there in my dressing gown and pj's, eating chocolate, half watching some crap telly, half twittering and half blogging - decidedly slatternly!

I am also tagging a couple of other NaBloPoMo's  - just answer the questions below and link back to Bibsey.

Close to the Green  
Richmond Mummy
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So, where do you blog? And what does the state of your blogplatz say about you?
Saint or Slattern?


  1. Saint and Slattern. I like it. Your table looks like a nice place to work. Good luck with the rest of NaBloPoMo!

  2. Multi blogplatzing! I would probably use the sofa more if the battery in my laptop wasn't knackered. Your areas of blogging look very cosy x x

  3. Oh I do like the look of your sofa - slatternly sounds perfect, chocolate, PJ's - brilliant.

  4. I'm so ashamed that I haven't blogged on this yet after you tagging me - so sorry *hangs head in shame* - BUT, I haven't forgotten and I most definitely will do it and thank you thank you for tagging me :-)

    ps. my post will be virtually the same as yours!


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