Rollercoaster Mum: Nov 17th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 17 - The websites I couldn't live without


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Nov 17th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 17 - The websites I couldn't live without

I have been tagged by the lovely Mummy Musings in her new meme - or is it a linky or even a bloghop- oh god I get so confused. Anyway whatever it is she has tagged me to tell her (and you of course) the websites that I couldn't live without.

Looking at my computer now with all the pages open these are the ones that I use on a daily basis.

Hotmail - As this is now my one and only email address since being made redundant (sob, sob - anyone like to give me a job - pleeease!) I use it all the time. It is essentially my link to the outside world. I have alerts for facebook and twitter on there so I know when people have replied to me on them and I just could not live without it. For a free email facility it's pretty good - you can create folders to store your emails (I have LOTS), you can attach stuff, you can do most things - you can even personalise your inbox and make it all pretty - I have a dynamic theme called Daisy Hill which changes with the local weather and the time of day!!

Twitter - I am fairly new to twitter and only really started using it when I started my blog in earnest. I did try it before and I just didn't get it. It's a very different social media platform to facebook and I think it suits the blogging community down to the ground. It's also very good as a business to business platform and therefore also blogger to business. I think it's less useful for keeping up with family and good friends so a lot of non blogging friends don't us it. I however now absolutely LOVE it and I am totally addicted. I once loved facebook but this love has been superceded by twitter!

Facebook - Having said that I do still like facebook a lot. I just don't love it anymore. The recent changes haven't helped and I still don't like the 'new' facebook - bring back the old one facebook. Facebook to me is more for social networking with my family and real life friends (not that all you lovely bloggers aren't real but you know what I mean - and I haven't met any of you yet - as I mentioned the other day). It is for people who I see regularly like the school mums and for my friends and family the other side of the world so we know what everyone's up to - what their kids did today, whether they're happy or sad and why and to share photos with friends. I set up a facebook group for the parents of our class at school as a way of communicating school stuff, having a moan about dressing up days or organising a get together and I have been blown away by it's success -over 75% of the parents are members and it really works. So facebook you are still pretty cool!

Google - I use google to google of course. How did we manage homework without it?! I have googled random stuff that Little Miss Star has come home saying from school and worked out what she was talking about it - BG (before google) what would I have done? I google products I want for reviews and prices and zillions of other things. Oh and it has my blog on it of course - so this blog would not exist if it wasn't for Google Blogger. Thank you Google - you have changed our lives forever!

Amazon - This is the website I most use for shopping and I tend to use it as a base to research prices and reviews. I don't always buy from Amazon but I often use it as a first port of call when buying something and that free delivery is a big attraction!

Now I know these are the exact same websites as Mummy Musings but they are what I use the most too. I suspect that it is the same for many people and that is the reason they are all such big, powerful sites which can be both a good and a bad thing.

Although the sites above are the ones I use on a daily basis I thought I would also mention some of the other sites I like but don't use as often.

For blogging stuff there is of course Britmums, Tots100 and netmums.

For shopping I love NotontheHighStreet and I also like Letterbox for kids stuff and Firebox for presents.

For chicken stuff I like Omlet and other country stuff there is of course River Cottage and Landshare. 

Do you use the same websites on a daily basis?  Which are the ones that you couldn’t live without?

I am tagging Sarah at People Don't Eat Enough Fudge.


  1. My list would be pretty similar to yours!! I LOVE not on the high street, and I especially like their wish list idea--so perfect for Christmas and birthdays!

    Great idea for a post!

  2. Thanks RCM - all set for tomorrow :)


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