Rollercoaster Mum: Nov 21st - #NaBloPoMo - Post 21 - Wot so Funee? No 2 - tickling and making


Monday, 21 November 2011

Nov 21st - #NaBloPoMo - Post 21 - Wot so Funee? No 2 - tickling and making

A short Wot So Funee? to cheer up a Monday morning.

Once again it is Little Miss Sunshine who provides the fun. We were in the car driving to her swimming lesson last week after we had been making jam tarts. She was rambling on as usual (wonder who she gets that from!) when she said:

'I like to tickle when I'm making' 

Having previously ignored her ramblings I was suddenly alert - 'What did you say?'

'I like to tickle when I'm making - I like feeling the dough' 

ahhh - now I knew what she was on about it. Her mind was still on cooking and jam tarts and she was talking about making crumble (which she makes with Daddy as he is the Crumble King) and of course you have to 'tickle' it. We hadn't 'tickled' the pastry because it was leftover packet pastry and she was a bit disappointed. I have now promised her we will make bread as you have to squeeze it not just tickle it! I was a little concerned for a moment there though!

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  1. Ooh a tickle and a squeeze! How will she contain herself? ;) Thanks for linking :))

  2. Oh, I like a bit of slap, squeeze and tickle every now and then ;)

  3. Definitely a girl after my own heart!! Lovely!


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