Rollercoaster Mum: Nov 2nd - #NaBloPoMo - Our half term


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nov 2nd - #NaBloPoMo - Our half term

This post was meant to be done yesterday as my first NaBloPoMo but I got carried away explaining what that was so our half term exploits had to wait. Not that our half term was that exciting but it was my first ever school holiday as a SAHM and it was quite a busy one. Mind you this is not really by choice - much as I would like to be a SAHM we cannot really afford for me to be one - luckily it wasn't my week for signing on so I didn't have that to worry about.

So what did we do? Well we started the week off by buying two new chickens. This was fun but has proved to be rather stressful introducing them to our two existing chickens (more on that later in the week!). We went to a lovely little farm to choose them and they had the most amazing chickens that looked a bit like teddy bears (I think they are called frizzles) and geese that looked like they were wearing frilly petticoats - very amusing!

The first two days of the week we went to stay at Grandmas whilst Daddy stayed at home. We had never really done this before as I was always working most of the week so the girls were thrilled, even though it was only for one night. The highlight of the visit was that oldest daughter came away with a new bike (with gears - very important). My step father is an inveterate hoarder and had kept the bike for her - well worth it this time as she is thrilled - although we now have to fix the brake as it broke when we had to take both wheels off to get it in the car - oops. We also managed a day out at Drusillas zoo park which is a fab little zoo which I remember going to as a child - it's changed quite a lot since them though!

We met up with a friend on Wednesday and went to Queen Elizabeth Country Park - a fab place near us that has loads of walks, places for kids to play and run and they do loads of good kids activities in the holidays. We went to Narnia, made shields, had a tractor ride, an adventure in the forest, made wishes for the wishing tree and listened to a great story about dragons from a professional storyteller - all for a fiver - great value.

We managed to squeeze in a play project morning, eldest went to a birthday party and we even managed a haircut before the weekend.

The weekend was taken up with carnivals and fireworks. Eldest was very excited as she was on a carnival float with the Rainbows and Brownies for the first time at the local carnival - so of course we had to go and wave frantically. They are on the float for a long time but she seemed to enjoy it and luckily it wasn't too cold. Oh and I had been at the NCT sale trying to make us some money for Christmas for most of the day. Sunday evening  we wrapped up warm again and set off for the village Halloween fireworks followed by supper at their friends. Another late night - luckily it was an inset day for eldest daughter on the Monday.

Monday morning and we took littlest one to nursery as they were still open. This gave me a rare opportunity to spend some time with biggest daughter so after finishing off her homework (better late than never!) we set off for her first ever trip to the cinema. We went to see the Lion King in 3D (her choice) and I think she was pretty impressed. A big bucket of popcorn completed the experience.

Phew what a busy week. I enjoyed it but I'm quite glad to be getting back to normal and the house is looking tidier already ('til the weekend anyway!)


  1. Busy week! I love chickens (that cute little chuckle the make:) and carnivals!

  2. chickens are fab but v wet and muddy this week and we still have chicken war between old and new - hope they settle down soon!


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