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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Nov 30th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 30 - the End and thoughts on blogging

Hurrah! I made it - 30 posts in 30 days - to be honest I don't think I thought I would when I started out but I do like a challenge and I hate failing at anything. I've done a few Silent Sundays, a couple of recipes, some other photo posts and some reviews but I'm still pretty new to this blogging lark so it's all part of it I reckon.

Have I enjoyed it? Well yes and no I suppose. I haven't liked the pressure to post every single day - it's been like having a daily deadline. I have however enjoyed finding out that I have always found something to post on and to be honest I still have about 4 or 5 ideas in draft that haven't been done (and possibly never will now!). I have also enjoyed finding out what I like doing and beginning to find my style ( I think!). I apologise now for the waffle and bad grammar but the posts have been somewhat rushed sometimes.

I have loved the photo stuff and I really want to do some more on this - I especially intend to have a play with the Picnik website that Mammasaurus recommended. I've also quite enjoyed the odd cooking post and I intend to subject you all to more meaningless waffle and rants in due course. I have found the reviews more difficult as I don't feel as free to say anything I like and there are the links and descriptions that need to be put in. I am, I think, generally one of the 'lighter' bloggers with less of the 'dark side' as Maxabella put it. This inevitably means most posts are not too serious and may occasionally even provide a laugh. I may yet surprise you all though and show my 'dark side'.

I have found the time pressure really hard as I find it very tricky to do during the day with Little Miss Sunshine constantly badgering she's bored or just generally waffling on. Thank God for Cbeebies - although the poor child is lucky her eyes haven't gone square after this month (bad bad mother). Hence I am now writing this at nearly 2am - I hope that I can go back to going to bed a little earlier. I may be an insomniac up to a point but it has been getting a tad ridiculous and I am not sure OH would put up with it for much longer.

On that subject some of you may know that I had not told OH about the blog - well now he knows. This is not necessarily a direct result of NaBloPoMo but I think it has had an influence on it. I won't go into details but we haven't had the easiest of times the last few months and on the whole I am glad he now knows. (Also quite glad that so far he has shown no sign of wanting to see or read it - but my dear if you are reading this I do love you and I'm sorry.)

One of the best things about it has undoubtedly been all the new blogs I have found (although I haven't had the time I would like to read them) and all the wonderful, lovely, beautiful people that have commented on my blog. I really hope that bit doesn't stop - please don't go lovely people (stifles sob and insecurity). The community feel around NaBloPoMo has been great with lots of encouragement and comments which is very heartening for a new blogger. I very much hope I can get to Britmums Live and meet some of you luvverly people. In fact completing this has made me determined to book - I will convince myself it is a reward!

Would I do it again? Probably not as it has taken up an awful lot of time and energy - house, kids, husband, Christmas and birthday preparations have all been neglected (why couldn't it have been in January!) and I have an email inbox the size of Everest . I think as a newish blogger it has been particularly useful. I have learnt lots and met lots of people  (in a cyber not real life kind of way) and read lots and I have most importantly completed the challenge. Never say never again but I don't think I'll be here next year.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO US ALL!- pats on back all round. 

Right I'm off to find the sloe gin - see you all soon and Happy Christmas! (just in case I don't come back in December!)


  1. woohoo :) and thank you for your lovely comments during the month - here's to long lasting blogger friendships!

  2. thank you too :) Have to say I feel quite relieved now!

  3. well done you, struggled with similar experiences to you - TIME! never enough.
    My OH didn't know about my blog for a long time, I did discuss NaBloPoMo with him, as I knew it would take a lot of time. He still doesn't want to read it - thankfully.
    I think it's a great learning curve, as you seem to have found, I've been blogging for a year and I feel it's brought me on considerably. You do seem to have gained a lot from it. The community around has been great. We can all relax now - and step away from the computer! yay!

  4. Well done! I too haven't had much sleep this month what with a teething baby and getting posts written once the children were in bed! I also hadnt told many real life family members abit my blog but found out today that my MIL knows so she must have been reading some of my posts - ooops!!
    Anyway, well done again and enjoy the non posting every day free time again .....well which will now be taken over by Xmas preparations of course! X

  5. Well done, we did it! It's been really tough and I too am not sure I'll do it next year, but I'm really glad I did this year. It's been a really good way of getting to know other bloggers and get into the habit of writing more often. My OH knows about my blog, but never reads it, (good job too). I think he thinks it's quite bizarre and can't understand why anyone would want to read it! Oh well, he has his things, I have mine. It makes me happy and that he does at least appreciate :)

  6. Big well done. I think we should all be proud of our achievement - no mean feat to blog 30 days in a row.

  7. Congratulations on getting to the end. Like you, time was an issue for me and I couldn't get round half the blogs I wanted to read. Also very behind with the Christmas shopping and housework! Not sure if I would do it again, but I learnt a lot from it. Deb


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