Rollercoaster Mum: Nov 3rd - #NaBloPoMo - post no 3 - Listography - Top 5 Toys for Christmas


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nov 3rd - #NaBloPoMo - post no 3 - Listography - Top 5 Toys for Christmas

I really wanted to join in with this Listography last week when I saw it but just never got around to it with half term an' all. So when I was having a look at the lovely Kate Takes 5 blog for some inspiration for NaBloPoMo I was delighted to see she had left the linky up for another week - Hurray!

The premise is to list the 5 best kids toys for Christmas and Kate will have a look at all the entries and compile a Top 10 list from all our lists. Here goes....

1/ This has to be Lego (and I am far from alone on thinking this!). Lego is such a fab toy and I have many happy memories of playing with it as a child. Kids of all ages (including the grown-ups) love it, whether you are building your own creation or following a building pattern on a kit. It lasts forever and they'll play with it for years (although I have no idea where mine went). We have already amassed a small box of Lego and I plan to build on the collection. What better toy to keep them occupied on Christmas morning!

2/ A bike. There can't be many more exciting toys to come down to on Christmas morning than a shiny new bike whether it be a toddler trike or your first mountain bike. Anything that encourages kids to get out and
exercise has to be good too.

3/ A Teddy Bear. I know, I know we have hundreds of soft toys that I curse regularly (but so did I when I was a child) but get it right and a teddy can be the best present that will be cuddled, kissed, fed, sat on, cried on and generally loved for a very long time. I still have some of my favourite teddies and they are very, very old now.

4/ Books or book tokens. OK these aren't strictly speaking toys but I used to love getting books as a child (still do really) and book tokens even more as I could choose my own books and I would spend hours and hours in the book shop choosing my new books. I always give my kids at least one book each for Christmas and I hope they love books as much as I do.

5/ Ooh what to choose here - should it be a dolls house or a train set. As a mother of girls I should say a dolls house but as a girl myself I always wanted a train set. I think it has to be a train set  - so much fun to be had designing and building the track to playing with the trains.

Well there you are my Top 5 for Christmas and my third NaBloPo post as well.


  1. Nothing like a teddy is there?! We have a houseful but I still can't resist them! So glad you got to join in and congrats on doing the NaBloPoMo.

  2. Thank you and I have to admit to always being a teddy fan - and I *ahem* still have a couple of my own.


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