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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Nov 5th - #NaBloPoMo - post no 5 - Spinmaster Bizu Studio Review

When the Spinmaster Bizu Studio arrived in the post there was great excitement and my girls couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately as we were very busy at half term they did have to wait! They had seen the adverts for it on the telly so probably knew more about it than I did!

This is what we got - Bizu Style Studio

The Bizu Studio is 'the new bead creativity set which lets girls make collectable bracelets and necklaces that magically transform into animals.  “From fashion to friend and back again” – it’s nothing like they’ve played with before!' So says the blurb from Spinmaster. It is certainly a bit different and to be honest not something I would probably have bought them before as it is quite plastic. However after I had a quick play (so I could show them what to do as the age guide is 6+ so even oldest is only just in the age range) I let them loose on it and it certainly entertained my 6yo for quite some time.

The Bizu Studio is essentially a storage and dispensing bit of kit for the beads and it comes with enough beads to make four bracelets/animals plus a few extra beads for variety. There are templates provided so you can make what it looks like on the picture or you can mix and match to make your own animals and styles. Very importantly you can take the bracelets apart again and reuse all the beads and the thread so they can be remade again and again. I felt that this was a really important part of this toy as it's not cheap. The Bizu Style Studio retails at around £20 and the bead sets start at around £6 for a pack of two animals. The fact that you can remake and reuse again gives the toy a more lego type feel and of course a longer interest level.

All the Bizu kit
 My 3yo was desperate to join in too but she was really too young as it was a bit too fiddly and she did get bored and went off to watch the telly. The 6yo however soon got the hang of it after I had showed her a few times and she was soon making and remaking the bracelets and managing to do the clever little twist bit which turns the beads into animals. The Studio itself was easy to set up and once you had got the hang of the making it was easy but the instructions to start off with weren't terribly good but I looked at their website which has some really handy little videos which explain it all.

This is what you can make

a Bizu animal

All in all I would say that the Bizu Style Studio and Bizu beads are a good toy for girls from about 6-9 years - it gives girls some creativity (without mess - always a bonus!). I personally wouldn't have bought the whole studio (I tend to prefer more traditional toys) but I might well buy sets of beads for small birthday gifts.

Bizu is available from Amazon, Argos, Toys R Us, Asda, The Entertainer, Sainsburys and Tesco, amongst others.

I was sent a Spinmaster Bizu Style Studio for free for this review from Blog-match but I have receieved no other payment or incentive and the review is all my own opinions.

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