Rollercoaster Mum: Birthday - 52 Photo Project - Week 3


Friday, 20 January 2012

Birthday - 52 Photo Project - Week 3

With the beautiful frosty weather this week I once more took loads of photos and it was really hard to choose (again) but I ended up with this photo as although it is more ordinary than a lot of the photos I took I think it is probably the event that my girls will remember. It was my birthday this week and this of course means cake has to be involved when you have kids. OH had made some cupcakes as he wasn't brave enough to make a big one (bless!) but the cake had to be had without him as he was at work. We did have a great Thai takeaway later though and he did get me a really lush pressie so I'm not complaining!
By the way I warn you I will be doing a montage of beautiful frosty days next week - I have so many photos I want to show off and I have at last managed to have a play on Picnik (as you can see even this photo has been doctored slightly) so there's no stopping me now!!

If you would like to see more of my little Photo Project take a peep here. 


  1. Happy birthday and a lovely picture of your daughters and cake! Look forward to your frosty pictures. I love Picnic too. Deb

  2. Such beautiful girls with such adoration on their faces! Happy birthday

  3. Oh Happy Birthday! Girls seem to be really pleased to wish you a happy birthday.

  4. Aw what lovely smiles! Happy birthday.


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