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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - my (sort of) New Years Resolutions

Now, I'm not normally one for New Years Resolutions. I don't think I have ever decided to go on a diet, start running or any other of those get healthy type of New Years Resolutions. I think I would like most people fail within the first couple of weeks so what the hell is the point? But stuff has happened in 2011 that made me think that I would have a couple of resolutions - whether I keep to them or not is entirely another matter of course.

So here goes - in no particular order as they say:

1/ Be nicer to my children and not shout at them so much - this will be a tough one but I'm hoping if I shout less they might shout less too! They can be little shits sometimes too (quite often actually) so much as I love them it can be hard to be nice sometimes but we have had a pretty good hols (apart from the first day which was HOR - REN - DUS, but time has dulled the memory already) so feeling warm and fuzzy about them.

2/ Sort my emails out - if I could get them down to less than 100 I would feel I had achieved something!

3/ Sort out the piles and piles of crap in our house - OK this one is soo likely to fail but it soo needs doing, our tiny house is getting tinier by the week - desperately need a clear out. I plan to do one room at a time - I'll start with the smallest - bathroom it is then! You never know I might even find enough stuff to do a car boot sale.

4/ Get a job - or start making money from this damn thing - just need a small income - please!!

5/ Get my blog a bit more 'sorted' - design wise and post wise - I found NaBloPoMo too much so will not be blogging everyday however it would be good to be a bit more organised and plan to do say twice a week. Do I need to be a bit more focused on subject matter and many other questions to be answered...

6/ Not blog, tweet, facebook too much and make time for my family - including my OH - who now knows about the blog (but seems v disinterested - phew!) - we did not have a good year and I think we have made progress in the last few weeks and I really really do want us to stay together as a family. If I'm being serious this is probably more important to me than anything else - so not so many stupidly late nights on the 'pooter', or twittering over tea. I need to concentrate on my family when they're around and leave all the rest (however fascinating you all are) to other times. Need to be more organised - again!

Well that turned into quite a list! All things I have wanted to do anyway - maybe writing them down will make them happen - I can but hope. I have also just noticed that they are mostly to do with being more organised - so that's it in 2012 I will be more organised! (maybe).

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Good luck with the resolutions - at least it sounds like your blog is not the subject of forensic focus, which must be good?! I agree re the time stealing element of the virtual world, it is very hard to maintain self control!

  2. Any one of those could be mine too - especially the first! Good luck and stay strong! ;-)

  3. not going too well so far as still up after midnight but little steps - off to bed v soon! Does your OH know about blog yet Mummy Plum? and thank you for the good luck crumbsandpegs - will need it! x

  4. I could add some of these to my New Year Resolutions, but had to stop somewhere. Less shouting's a good one - I'm sure my neighbours would appreciated this one too. Emails, well my current inbox holds 3566 messages (no wonder it's so slow). You'd think having a big house would make it easier to keep tidy, but believe me I've just got more piles of crap and tend to leave them longer than when I had a small house. One good thing is though, when I do get round to sorting out those piles of papers (maybe once every 1 or 2 years) most of them are so old they are no long relevant so can just get binned! The not blogging and tweeting so much is a sensible one too. The computer is a great tool and I've gained so much from blogging, facebook and twitter, but it's very addictive and it's important to find a balance. It drives my husband mad when I'm constantly checking my blackberry for messages. I found the NaBloPoMo overtook my life so much that I've hardly blogged since, so I think there needs to be a balance. I'm going to try and limit myself to certain times of day when it's not going to interfere with my family at all (that's the middle of the night then!). Sorry this comments turned into a bit of blog! Really hope you manage to achieve your resolutions, but remember some improvement is better than nothing at all. Happy New Year and I really hope 2012 is good to you xx

  5. Oh dear, you and 5000 other Mum bloggers I'm afraid! Me included ;)


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