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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Listography - Top 5 Biscuits

I haven't done a Listography in a while as I have problems just managing to blog once a week with the 52 Photo Project so that's not too much of a surprise but when I saw it was about biscuits well I had to join in - late as usual though. Well not so much late as just making it by the skin of my rinny tin teeth - story of my life really - certainly happens nearly everyday on the school run.

Anyways I digress - back to biscuits:

1/ Chocolate Gingers
These have to be my absolute favourite - dark chocolate and ginger - heavenly combination!

 2/ Boasters - or anything similar
Chunks of chocolate and nuts in yummy biscuits - mmmmmm!

Yeah I know a bit boring but I do like a good digestive - plain or with plain chocolate. The plain ones just have that hint of saltiness as well as the sugar and they are fandabulous with blue cheese. (Plain ones do really need to be McVities blue/white doesn't cut it here!)

3/ Party Rings
I'm with Kate on this - although only my youngest child agrees - oldest won't touch them (weird child!). They are a childhood memory on a plate

4/ Chocolate Bourbons
Favourite every day biscuit that's always in the biscuit tin 'cause we all like them and they are cheap (well when you buy the blue and white ones they are anyway and they taste pretty much the same!)

So there you are my favourite biccies to have with my copious cups of coffee - what are yours?


  1. If we're going plain I'd go for hobnobs over digestives. Anything with chocolate on is a winner too - do jaffa cakes count as biscuits?

    1. Oh I think they do - Jaffa cakes are a childhood memory too!

  2. Great list of biscuits!
    I am partial to a digestive too especially a chocolate one although the caramel ones are lovely dunked a nice hot, sweet cup of coffee. :-)

    1. oooh now I'm off to the biscuit tin via the kettle!

  3. Ah you're a chocolate girl! And party rings - every girl's all time favourite!


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