Rollercoaster Mum: Winter Walk - 52 Photo Project - Week 2


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Winter Walk - 52 Photo Project - Week 2

Well it's been a bit of a funny old week really and I have taken lots of photos - so many I almost began wondering if I should join the 366ers until commonsense took hold again. However it has been hard to choose which photo to use for this post - inevitably you tend to take photos of the up stuff not the down stuff and right now as I am writing I still don't know which one I am going to choose!

Last weekend felt a bit like the family was slipping straight back into pre-Christmas ways - moany kids, angry husband etc but the girls and I (minus OH) did manage an 'expedition' across the ranges with their bikes. The ranges are often out of bounds as it is MOD land used for exercises and if the red flags are flying (which is most of the time) then you can only go round them and not across them. They are a fairly bleak but I think a beautiful and rather magical landscape with a certain Narnia or Tolkienesque character and the kids love them. It was a bright sunny, cold winters day with that wonderful winter light and it has to be one of these pictures this week.

So here it is - this is the one - the girls on their bikes on the ranges on a cold, bright winter's afternoon.

   (I have a feeling you may get quite a few more photo posts later this week to use all those other photos!)

If you would like to see more of my little Photo Project take a peep here. 


  1. Thanks for commenting on my post. I love your picture. Moments like these are some of my favorites.

  2. Great photo - it's lovely to be outdoors with the kids enjoying all things free and wonderful!

  3. It's always good to find new blogs Jessica and I look forward to seeing more of your pics through the year. It was a lovely day and I managed to get out again today with 6yo for another expedition - 4 yo is a bit poorly so she stayed at home but it did make it all a bit quicker - took some more pictures too!

  4. I thought about joining the 366ers several times but I came to my senses too! As much as I love photos I just couldn't keep that up.

  5. Great photo. Particularly love that sky. Deb


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