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Monday, 27 February 2012

Listography - Top 5 things that make me happy

After joining in with Kate Takes 5 Happiness Project which was all about finding out what makes your kids happy I really wanted to join in with this Listography. What are the 5 things that make ME happy? It was surprisingly easy - so here they are:

1/ Sunshine 
I think like most people I just feel naturally happier when the sun is shining, it doesn't matter if it's bright, cold winter sunshine or hot, sultry midsummer sunshine it never fails to lift my spirits and make me feel happier.

2/ Spring Flowers
I like other flowers too but there's nothing quite like spring flowers peeping through the ground when the branches on the trees are still bare to bring hope and a smile to my face. My absolute favourite are daffodils which I just love - they are so happy and I never fail to have some in the house throughout the daffodil season.

3/ Planning a holiday
I LOVE planning holidays. In some ways this is the best bit. It probably harks back to when I worked in travel and planned other peoples as well as my own (and we had many more opportunities to travel too!). It doesn't really matter though whether it's the Isle of Wight, France or Sri Lanka, I love the whole research into what we can do, what the weather's going to be like, where we should stay and of course, crucially, if you have a holiday booked you have something to look forward to!

4/ A clean(ish) and tidy kitchen!
This is a bit of an odd one really as I detest cleaning and housework with a passion but if I go to bed with the kitchen dirty and untidy (washing up piled up etc - you get the picture!) it is sooo depressing the next morning. Go to bed leaving it clean and tidy and it's lovely to come down to the next morning. Even in the middle of the day (usually on a weekend after OH has been cooking - very lovely of him but he does make a bit of a mess!) it's just depressing looking at it untidy. The rest of the house bothers me less somehow and I imagine some people would think my 'clean and tidy' kitchen wasn't that clean and tidy but it's all personal - right?

5/ Cuddles from my girls (and OH!)
I do like a good cuddle, and coincidentally this is also one of the things that Little Miss Star listed as making her happy. I'm not big into cuddling people I don't know though so it really only counts if it's from my girls or OH. The best cuddles are when it's a big family cuddle and everyone is happy - they're not so good if it's a 'sorry I shouldn't have done that' cuddle or one of them's cuddling and the other one is shouting so has to be a happy, peaceful cuddle!

So there you go - my top 5 things that make me happy. What makes you happy - I'd love to know!

For lots more happy thoughts head over to the lovely Kate Takes 5.

A Happy Sunshiney Spring Daffodil!


  1. Gorgeous! Wonderful picks, beautifully described! And I needed a perfect picture of a daffodil to show the children here in India the symbol of St David's Day - may I "borrow" this one?

    1. Thank you and of course you can borrow the picture x There's a pic of a big bunch of them with some eggs on my last Silent Sunday post too if you want to show them that :)

  2. Sunshine is SO important - I just can't figure out why in earth I still live in one of the unsunniest countries in the world!


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