Rollercoaster Mum: Snap Slappers Love Edition - Valentines Toast


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Snap Slappers Love Edition - Valentines Toast

Now I'm not really one for Valentines Day and now I'm doing two posts about it in one day. This one is thanks to Fivegoblogging's Snap Slappers theme this week and that my OH was actually quite romantic this morning. I got a lovely card and came downstairs to find my toast had been made - here it is - thanks to photobucket.

and here is the original photo. Thank you OH - love you xxx

You can take a squiz at some more pimped up photos over at Snap Slappers: 


  1. Aw, I want heart-shaped dinner tonight from my husband. Very sweet!

  2. Ah, lovely toast and snap slapping. I had a nice card today but now I want heart shaped toast - why didn't he make me heart shaped toast?!!

  3. Most unlike him normally - possibly the most romantic thing he has ever done on Valentines! (I have fairly low expectations!!) Hope you all had something heart shaped on Valentines Day!

  4. Now that is one very romantic Mr!
    Just tell him next time to dye it pink ;)
    Sorry for late response, I've been in deepest darkest Wales where I suffered severe internet withdrawal!


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