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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Country Kids - An Expedition with Granny

Last weekend the girls as usual were driving me round the bend and then OH decided he was going to drill holes for new electric sockets in Little Miss Sunshine's bedroom walls in preparation for redecorating her bedroom (this is some way off!!).

It was a lovely sunny afternoon so I marshalled troops and told them we were going for a walk. This was met without a great deal of enthusiasm but they don't have a great deal of choice at their age (I dread the day when this changes!). Little Miss Star, to be fair, was reasonably enthusiastic but Little Miss Sunshine was persuaded when I said we should take Granny. Now this is not the just an ordianry Granny this is the purple haired, flowery topped Granny Woodentop from John Crane toys. We have been sent Granny to take part in their Where in the World are the Grandparents challenge to see where all the Granny's and Grandpa's can get to.

Granny Woodentop having a cuppa just after she arrived!

Little Miss Sunshine has taken a particular shine to Granny and this little project so you may well see her popping up in all sorts of my photos - keep an eye out for her! For her first outing though she was taken on a walk across the ranges so I am linking this up with Coombe Mill's Country Kids too as after some grumpiness they had lots of fun and even used their imaginations!

Here's what the girls got up to: they jumped off cliffs, crossed deserts, jungles and forests and sang about it all the while - and you may be able to spot Granny having fun with them.

When Granny had had enough of the girls she went off on her own adventures and here she is :

To see what some other Country Kids have been up to this week just click on the badge below.There will be more from Granny soon!


  1. What a lovely link up. I think Granny is going to be having a few adventures with your girls! My children can be just the same about walks, sounds boring till they get out then something captures their imagination and they are off having a great time.

  2. We're looking forward to taking Granny to lots of places! Luckily she's small enough to fit in a pocket!


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