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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Gallery - Colour (and some Snap Slapperness!)

This weeks prompt over at the Gallery was simply 'colour' At first I wasn't too sure what to do and then we got a call to say that Little Miss Star had a place at Brownies after Easter if she wants it and this gave me the inspiration. She is currently in Rainbows and will only just be 7 when she moves up to Brownies. It doesn't seem long ago that she was excited about joining Rainbows so as a tribute to my rapidly growing up little girl I thought I would show you a rainbow of pictures (not all her as that would be too tricky!!)

RED - is for Rainbow uniform. Here she is showing off her 'new' Rainbow uniform (handily purchased from Ebay and an NCT sale!)

ORANGE - is for the Halloween pumpkin we carved last year.

YELLOW - has to be for daffodils - my favourite flowers.

GREEN - for a green willow tunnel - taken at the amazing garden festival at Chateau Chaumont sur Loire where we went on holiday last summer.

BLUE - for the blue beach huts under a brilliant blue January sky - taken on my birthday trip to the seaside earlier this year.

INDIGO - for a highly snap slappered and blinged up psychedelic photo of some fungi taken on one of our walks over the ranges  - one of the colours is the hex code for Indigo - 2E0854

VIOLET - for a picture of a Violet on taken on Mothers Day last Sunday. Another gorgeous spring flower - often missed as it is so small.

For lots more gorgeous colour head on over to the Gallery at Sticky Fingers:

and for some more Snap Slapper fun ('cause I'm linking this up there too because most of them have been somewhat *ahem* doctored!) head on over to the fab Five Go Blogging:

1 comment:

  1. Great take on the gallery theme.
    I particularly love the beach huts closely followed by the fungi (of course!)
    Thanks for linking up x


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