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Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Gallery - Extreme Close Up

Tara has provided us with another great theme for the Gallery this week - Extreme Close Up! This set me thinking on what I could photograph in close up.

Until recently I found close ups tricky with my cheapy compact camera but I have been exploring some of the functions lately and I discovered the macro and macro zoom so I can now take real close ups! I have tried a few flowers and got some quite good results and then I thought I'd have a try at a close up on a chicken. I have tried this before in a previous Gallery on Eyes - the result was pretty spectacular (I think anyway!). So this time it's a chicken's feathers - here you are chicken feathers close up. Quite cool I think!

For lots more fabulous photos head on over to the Gallery at Sticky Fingers - just click the badge: 


  1. I'm not sure I would've worked out what it was if you hadn't have said...certainly not chicken feathers anyway...that's cool.
    My son just had a National Geographic mini-microscope given to him so have seen a lot of our house in 'close-up''s not all good!!!

    1. haha! that made ma laugh - most of my house would def not stand up to close up inspection!


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