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Friday, 9 March 2012

Listography - 5 photos that sum up my week

For this week's Listography Kate is being nosey and wants to know what we get up to during the week. Most of my weeks are pretty dull so it's not going to be scintillating but everyone likes a good nose at other people's lives don''t they? That's why all that reality TV and selling your house programmes are so popular. So here goes - my typical week in 5 pictures:

First there is coffee - lots of coffee - not just first thing in the morning. I need frequent caffeine refuelling until about 6 or 7pm when I am then become a paragon of virtue and drink chamomile tea instead (unless I'm drinking gin, wine or whisky of course!!)

Next there is the school run. I am always in a rush - nearly but not quite late so scooters are a must - especially now that Little Miss Sunshine has finally learnt to scoot FAST! I have to run to keep up!

Then there is a lot of this - poor, hardworking laptop. If it's not blogging or twitter frittering it is job hunting, email managing and occasionally a bit of online window shopping! (note more coffee!)

 And when that's done there is the cleaning. Not something I enjoy - my house is beloved by dust and dirt and no doubt germs and all sorts of other lovelies but I do have to do some. It's mainly the never ending mountain of washing and ironing that amazes me - sometimes I would just like it to stop (mwahaha - yeah right!)


Finally it's time to eat - first the kids and then us usually. This was the kids tea - poached eggs - which of course is another thing that makes up my week - chickens and eggs - but no room for photos of them. That's my lot!


So what do you get up to in a typical week? If you want to nose around some other bloggers weeks take a look at Kate Takes 5 Listography.


  1. Those eggs look interesting. Do they have tomato ketchup piping on them? I think I'd have trouble sleeping if I drank coffee until 7pm - I have to switch to the cammomile at about 4pm!

    1. I am a self confessed caffeine addict! The sauce is brown sauce and my kids always insist it is put on in a pattern!

  2. Love this! Could be any day of my week too!

  3. So fun seeing your listograhy of your typical week!....You have a great life!

  4. Yep, coffee, schoolrun, laptop, washing and prepping food - I must live at yours...

  5. Life like a million other mums!! Laptop may feature a bit more heavily in mine than some though!


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