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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Snap Slappers - A Prince!

We don't have a dog - so even though the lovely Five Go Blogging said we didn't have to follow her theme I couldn't really. I could have blinged up a chicken I suppose - or a fish as we now have fish in the aquarium (although so far I have failed miserably in my attempts to photograph them.)

But I thought I would stay in keeping with the animal theme at least. These are some toads that the volunteers caught at Queen Elizabeth Country Park to show the children at the Little Squirrels group. They looked just too tempting not to Snap Slap up! 

So here they are before - just a pair of ordinary toads doing what they do best in spring:

Now here they are all Snap Slapped up. I used picmonkey this week as I need to find a replacement for Picnik and although not quite as good yet it is reassuringly familiar and I am sure all the bling will be there eventually. Most importantly it's dead easy to use!

I added even more slap on this one!

For some more Snap Slappers fun head over to Five Go Blogging - just click the badge!


  1. Rollercoastermum
    This is quite interesting. I was wondering what picmonkey is...
    I have nominated you for Versatile BLogger Award...see more on my blog.
    Wishing you a great tomorrow!

    1. Gosh thank yuo - I will pop over and have a look asap! Picmoney is the new Picnik - nearly!

  2. My oh my, Frog porn before i've even had my coffee! Although it more mills and boon than black lace ;)
    So you used picmonkey too!
    So easy but still lacking a bit of bling i feel!

    1. Haha! glad you enjoyed and agree with you on picmonkey - I am sure it will improve with age!

  3. Fun! Off to check if our frogspawn has hatched tomorrow, we had so much there will be frogs everywhere!


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