Rollercoaster Mum: We have fish! - 52 Photo Project - Week 11


Saturday, 17 March 2012

We have fish! - 52 Photo Project - Week 11

Quite definitely the most significant thing that has happened this week is the addition of fish to our (well husbands) new aquarium. As I mentioned before he has longed for an aquarium ever since we met (way back in the stone age) and we finally got one for his '21st' birthday! It has been sitting here now for about a month and we have gradually added some bogwood (from the Amazon apparently - that's the river not the online retailer), some real plants and now finally some fish.

They are guppies and are called Vernon and Reggie - Dad and girls were listening to Radio 1 when they were coming back from purchasing the fish! The chemical levels are not quite right yet so that's why we only have two so far, although we did come down a couple of days ago and find a stray snail crawling about the tank - bonus wildlife! I have discovered it is devilishly difficult to photo the fish without blurring or lots of reflections in the tank so this was my best shot (with a bit of Picnik bling added!!)

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  1. Good to see your aquarium up and running. It's difficult to find the patience isn't it to set it up properly, but it will be worth it. You should be able to get some more fish soon. We have loads of mollys in ours - they keep having babies.

    1. We're going to give it another week and then try for some more. Our guppies are both supposed to be males but we are a bit concerned that with their behaviour one might be a female so you never know we get babies yet!! I think a molly or two is on husband's wish list too!

  2. I love watching fish swim around in fish tanks.....brings a bit of calm to me. Your picture came out terrific. The plant life you put in the fish tank is very pretty.

  3. They are very calming - despite their business - strange really!

  4. Aquarium looking the Business! Great effect you have created on the photo too, off for a peep on how you do it all!

  5. thats such a clear photo of your aquarium and the colours look really bright. its a great photo and i like the way you have cropped it too x

  6. How lovely! I love fish tanks and kids are always fascinated by them.great photo, really clear!

  7. Love the tank! It's great to just sit and watch them swimming around, very relaxing!

  8. I miss m y fish, they are so relaxing to watch x

  9. Brilliant! My husband is called Vernon so good choice ;-)


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