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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Weekday Quickie - Time

Some of the more astute amongst you may have noticed I have had a couple of posts entitled 'Weekday Quickie', way back when, when I did the first one I had vague thoughts of turning it into a meme and getting others to join in. I was however very very new at blogging, I wasn't sure how to do it and time was against me. I am trying to revive my idea but not (as yet) as a meme as I still don't have the confidence or time to do it.

I do intend however to make it a regular feature on my blog. This has partly been influenced (I have to be honest) by the fact that the first one I did seems to be one of my most popular posts ever! I have a feeling this is more to do with my choice of title rather than the content but once people are here then hopefully they read some more (even if it isn't about midweek rumpy pumpy!) The idea is that it is a quick post about a topic of my choosing which can be absolutely anything but one I just sit down and write about quickly rather than think too much about it. The other feature so far is that they have not been that 'quick' - well not that short anyway but after today I will try to rectify that too!

So after all that blether why am I writing about time? Well it's the lack of it really. I know we all bemoan how little we have but some people seem to manage theirs far more effectively than me. I would love to know how some of my bloggers fit it all in - they have kids and houses to look after, some have jobs and yet still some seem to manage to blog and comment and do all manner of other things as well - how, how, how?

 I so wish I knew as my time is about to become even shorter when I start my new job next week (having been unemployed for 7 months) - it will only be about 15 hours a week but it is those 15 hours that are child free. All the rest of the time I will have a child with me until Little Miss Sunshine starts school in September and when she is here it is very hard to blog unless I indulge her in the ultimate sin of way too much telly! This morning for instance I got home at about 9.30, I spent half an hour looking at emails and reading random stuff on here, I stripped the kids beds, changed them, put the washing on, did a small amount of washing up, made a coffee and wrote this. It is now 11.30 and I have to go and pick her up from nursery again in about 20 minutes. Time gone!

Time - where does it go?

I have so much more to do - cooking, tidying piles of papers, ironing, cleaning out chickens, tweeting (and that's just today!), not to mention the more long term things like sorting clothes and cupboards out, filing, sorting out the garden - aghhhhh - it makes my head spin just thinking about it. In fact I try not to think about it too much as I just get stressed. I haven't even mentioned all the blog posts I want to write - the Gallery, Country Kids, a review, the 52 Project, Satcap, Silent Sunday, mothers meme - the list is endless. And as for the cleaning - well luckily at the moment the vacuum cleaner is broken so until we get a new one that's one less job (and one filthy floor). I already stay up way too late so that's not an option- organisation has to be the key - but how?

Despite all this I am determined to keep my blog going when I return to work but I need to get organised so if anyone has any tips I would be most grateful for them.

Now I have frightened myself silly I'm off to do some other jobs - see you soon!


  1. Thank god for broken hoovers! Time saving tips - make a list of the essential must do's and scrap all the rest. Also, I hardly do any ironing...I iron none of my clothes except the odd shirt. I find most t-shirty things and jeans (as long as I hang them up properly when wet) don't need an iron. Ditch the ironing!
    Sometimes people advise stock piling a couple of blog posts for when you're busy..but I've never been organised to do this yet...
    PS. I tagged you in the Motherhood meme - just to add to your list!

  2. I feel your pain! I started a new business last January with a very good friend and although I have Thursdays off, those are days with my daughter, catching up on emails, doing household things like washing (I DO NOT iron!!!), stripping the linen, vacuuming, cooking the dinner, trying to catch up with other mommy friends etc.

    On my walks to work in the morning I will often draft blog posts via Blogger on my iphone. I'm the kind of person that if I need to do something, it has to be done now. It's one of my quirks. I have also bought a notebook with 5 divider sections in it to organise the people I blog for, people I follow, posts I want to do etc.

    If I could have 1 hour in my work day and 1 hour at night when I am not totally shattered to actually blog, I would love it! Otherwise, it's usually a few stolen hours here and there and then lots of plotting and scheming in between and then 4 hours of blogging on a Sunday morning :)

    Good luck with your new job!!


  3. I am having exactly the same issues at the moment! Not enough hours in the day. I marvel at bloggers who post every day. There's so much more to it besides that too. Have to say though I don't clean anymore, barely cook (good job it's warmer as there are a lot of salads on the menu!) and wear creased clothes. So there you have it no tips from me I'm afraid but do need to find a way of organising my time better..once/if I do I'll let you know!


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