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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Weekday Quickie - The Tooth Fairy

This post has evolved from a comment on our school parents facebook group where a discussion was going on about a child who was apparently telling all the others that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy did not exist (how very dare they - don't they know they won't get presents or money for teeth if they don't believe!)

Now it just so happens that Little Miss Star had lost another tooth earlier in the week so it was all quite topical. It started with the previous tooth that fell out which she then lost (as in could not find) before she could put it under her pillow. It was a Sunday and she was distraught all day that the Tooth Fairy would not visit until I suggested that she wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter to apologise for losing the tooth and to ask if it was still possible to get some gold coins if the Tooth Fairy could find it. Now, of course, the Tooth Fairy did leave a gold coin and the tooth was never found (thank God or there may have been questions - think I may have hoovered it up!).

I thought that that was the end of Tooth Fairy letters but oh no! This time on losing her tooth, said tooth was very carefully kept safe but she decided she would like to know her Tooth Fairy's name (noooo!) and so the second letter was penned - complete with missing words and spelling mistakes!

Now she had asked a question it had to be answered or she would think the Tooth Fairy was rude (especially after she had said - please write back) and so it was I found myself at midnight last Thursday night cutting up a very small piece of pink paper and attempting to do fairy writing before appearing as the Tooth Fairy. The stickiest problem of course was what to call the Fairy and I of course turned to Google which is where I found this fantastic site - The Fairy Name Generator - just put your child's name in and it will come up with a fairy name and lots more fascinating information on your fairy. Enter Moth Cornshimmer - my Tooth Fairy alterego (for the time being until Little Miss Sunshine starts needing the service of a Tooth Fairy - I looked her tooth fairy name up to - it's Fruitpip Silvershimmer - isn't that gorgeous!

The things you do as a parent!

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