Rollercoaster Mum: Cruising on Cunard - 52 Photo Project - Week 34


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cruising on Cunard - 52 Photo Project - Week 34

I cannot lie to you - we have been away - not that I imagine any of you noticed as I haven't been terribly communicative of late on the old twitter wotsit and facebooky thingy, what with the summer hols and all. We have been doing it posh and went cruising on the Cunard Queen Victoria amongst the rather spectacular Norwegian Fjords. We had a lovely if rather exhausting time and as a holiday it had it's good and bad points much like all holidays (nothing to do with Cunard I hasten to add who were excellent - especially the lovely Carlito and Aurelia who served our table at dinner every night.)

Anyhoo I don't have much time now as I have already done 3 loads of washing and due to the deluge as soon as we returned home this is not progressing as it should. We have a houseful of cousins over the weekend, the place looks like a tip before they even get here and now I have to choose a photo from the 487 (yes that is correct!) that I took in the last week so I really cannot dally. I may tell you more about it one day when I have recovered from the swaying as my body is currently convinced I am still afloat.

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  1. Great photo! We've just had a week of family guests too, from both sides of the family. Always fun, but busy! Enjoy!

  2. Awwwww that is a wonderful photo! Sounds like you're far from peace and normality, but I hope you have a fab time... and look forward to seeing a selection of the 487!

  3. that is a really lovely photo. their hair is so golden like Goldilocks. and i always find that the worst part about getting home from a holiday is the unpacking and washing grrr !! x x

  4. beautiful scenery. thats the worst of events like holidays too many good pictures to choose from

  5. Beautiful photo with the golden hair flying. I'd love to do a cruise one day but it would have to be a bloody big boat with minimal swaying.

    Thanks for linking up


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