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Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 4

Eeek is it week 4 already? I am going to break my own rules this week and write more than I should (well rules are made to be broken!)

The last two weeks seem to have been very very long and I have decided to write January off as a bad job - this despite it being my birthday month and actually quite liking snow. Why? Well the day before my birthday the flu lurgy hit us with Little Miss Star and I fell over and cut my head and nose open, the next day Little Miss Sunshine was off school with the lurgy as well so I had there I was on my birthday with a luvverly shiner, a swollen nose and two sick children. Then on the Friday the snow arrived with a vengeance putting paid completely to our weekend away(from the kids) in a hotel with a bit of horse racing thrown in. Snow continued and although Little Miss Star and I enjoyed some time out in it poor Little Miss Sunshine was really suffering and spent about 10 minutes tops outside all weekend. Then on Monday the lurgy hit me and I have felt shite all week (still do) so apologies once again for the lack of comments and general blog friendliness but I have been collapsing in bed by 9pm and blog has had to take a back seat. February 1st is the new January 1st don't you know - or maybe I shall just adopt the Chinese calendar.

As for the pics well - here's our spritely and rather lovely snowman - followed by what the snowman looks like now (guess which one I am identifying with right now!) Here's to feeling a bit more like spritely snowman next week (though I'm guessing the snowman won't be!)

melting snowman

I am linking up with the Boy and Me and those brave 365 peeps - so for lots more January photos head on over there by clicking the badge.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Thats an impressive snowman. Sorry you not feeling well and hope you better soon


  2. thats a very well made snowman! so sorry you are feel ill i hope you soon get back on track x

  3. cracking snowman! hope you feel better quickly

  4. Does sound like January has been a poorly month for you so I hope the last week changes that. Love the snow men, someone had lots of energy making them so big! Just popping over from 365 at TheBoyandMe

  5. hope you are on the mend. brill snow men...

  6. Oh no I hope you feel better soon! Great photo as always x

  7. Feel better soon. And love the snowman!

  8. Hope you feel better soon and that is a groovy snowman

  9. We more of less wrote January off as well- but at least snow makes the world a better place! Fingers crossed for a kind February.

  10. We had a crappy January too, onwards to February! Our snowman is just a hat, scarf and two sticks on the ground now. Bud keeps asking me where he has gone1


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