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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Gallery - New

I really should join in with the Gallery more often and what with the theme of NEW and the snow we had on Monday morning what could be better than new snow!

I have also had more time on my hands this week than expected due to being a klutz and slip-tripping over when cleaning out the chickens yesterday, banging my head hard on the patio/plant pot (not sure which), bleeding profusely and then being carted off to Minor injuries by a friend where 4 butterfly stitches were administered and a day off work advised. I am not a pretty site - deep gash across my nose and above my right eye - I won't scare you with pictures of that so here's some nice new snow.


  1. Ooh I bet that hurt!

    Photo made me smile, though. Someone in your house must be very good at picking up their feet to make such good footprints!

  2. Oww, you poor thing, take it easy and I hope you feel better soon! We are forecast snow on Friday and, pretty as it looks, I'm not really looking forward to it other than hopefully the chance to take a few ohotos.

  3. Oh poor you, what a thing to happen. Do hope you're feeling better now. Having hens is a bit hazardous in this bad weather. I've a bird netting over their large run which was weighted down by the snow earlier this week. Most of it I bashed from underneath with a broom but didn't do it over where their hopper hangs. Last two nights I've got a neckful of snow when I've gone into the run to bring their hopper out. They hate the snow and hardly venture out! :-(

  4. OUCH!!! hope you are okay!Great photo though x

  5. Oh no - hope you feel ok now! *shake fist at ruddy snow*

  6. Ouch that sounds painful! Hope you;re ok now and getting some TLC. Stoopid snow!!


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