Rollercoaster Mum: A Year in Pictures - Week 8


Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 8

Half term week - dull but busy and full of working mum guilt. There was some February sunshine in the garden, a bit of shopping and a trip to the cinema to cheer us up but when I see all those happy facebook posts of 'what we did at half term' I just feel interminable, stomach gnawing guilt. Photos have fallen by the wayside and I can't wait for back to school when at least the guilt will subside because they have to be at school like I have to be at work.

The week ended with a fab surprise though - we (well Little Miss Star) got her Blue Peter badge - quite definitely the highlight of the week! We love love love Blue Peter at Rollercoaster Towers!

green Blue Peter Badge
We got a Blue Peter badge!!! :)

February picnic
Picnic lunch in the garden - in February!

winter gardening
A spot of gardening and purple crocuses showing through

Future blackcurrants
 I am linking up with the Boy and Me and those brave 365 peeps - so for lots more February photos head on over there by clicking the badge.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. That is such a perfect shot of buds of your future blackcurrants. It makes me want to do some gardening. I love the lighting on the picnic lunch. The colours at this time of year are so much nicer than in the summer.

  2. i am totally jealous of the Blue peter badge - i always wanted one when i was young. well done to little miss star
    i love the bud photo - so pretty and the pink colour is girls are really enjoying their picnic - it was lovely here on Tuesday and we had a little picnic too x

  3. Hugs, you shouldn't feel guilty, I know it's hard as a working mama too, but I disagree some beautiful pictures.
    Came from TBAM

  4. Wow well done on the Blue Peter badge, it's amazing what a bit of sunshine does to the garden

  5. How cool, I didn't even know blue Peter badges still existed (I have a three year old so it's not on our watching list). I never managed to get one as kid despite trying. Love the pink trug photo too, young reminded me to get another, mine split in the frost

  6. I love the picnic lunch in the garden, they look over the moon to be out there!

    Thanks for linking up.

  7. Lots of great photo's here! Very cool to have the blue peter badge! Picnic lunch shot is fab with the shadows x


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