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Thursday, 28 February 2013

School Dress Up days - dread or delight?

You know what it's like - the letter arrives from school - dress up day next week - pay £1 or celebrate a certain day and you can dress up as a toy, what you want to be when you are older, wear red, be an Edwardian, someone from the 1920's - the ideas are endless. No doubt they are a good money earner for the PTA and the younger kids love them but it can strike fear into a parents heart - even more so if you have 2 or 3 or more kids at the same school. A rare few do relish the prospect of creativity and making costumes but I fall firmly into the fear camp - usually swearing inwardly and with a fixed smile and gritted teeth - asking said child 'so what are we going to dress up as this time? '

Now next week is one of the biggest dress up days for schools in the UK (maybe all over the world - mind boggling thought!) It is World Book Day. I love the idea of this world day as I love books and it is brilliant they get books for £1 but why oh why do they have to dress up - aggghhh! I was dreading this particular event when an email popped into my inbox from the lovely Party Delights. What has that got to do with all this I hear you ask. Well, as well as party stuff and lots of other seasonal and celebratory delights they do fancy dress - yay! They have a huge, and I mean huge, selection of World Book Day costume ideas starting from just £4.99. (Aahhhh - can you hear my sigh of relief - no sewing or glueing or clever creating out of cardboard and old clothes required - not my thing as you may know from previous posts on craft!)

The only difficulty is what to choose angels (really my two!!), astronauts (maybe not), teddy bear (bit hot), dragon (I liked the idea they didn't), gruffalo (too old), harry potter (too young), oompa loompa (I begged - they wouldn't!), skylanders (what are they?) - aha - Victorian girl - yes! The reasoning behind this was that I have been reading a few of my old books to Little Miss Star recently like the Little White Horse, the Secret Garden Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan so I could easily persuade her she was one of these and it will double up as a costume for Little Miss Sunshine in a year or so when the Year 2's do their Victorian school trip and have to dress up. Kill two birds with one stone for £12.99 plus delivery - oh yes!

 Here she is getting into character!

World Book Day

So if you are stuck for ideas for World Book Day or any other of those *ahem* delightful school dress up days don't forget to check out Party Delights.

Disclaimer - I was sent a free costume from the World Book Day selection on Party Delights for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own. 


  1. I'm one of those freaky Mums who actually enjoyed it (although I only had two children at school at the same time so it wasn't too bad). Little Miss Star looks fantastic in her costume :)

    1. Thank you - and I wish I did enjoy it more but it's just not me - sends me into a panic!

  2. I don't mind doing it, but my little buggers have a habit of forgetting to let me know they need a costume until about ten minutes before school on the day in question! Sods!

    1. youch! Now that would cause me to swear!


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