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Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter baskets and crafts

As I am sure you are more than aware it is Easter next weekend - however much the weather is trying to convince us otherwise. On a damp and dreary afternoon the girls decreed that we should be making Easter pressies for their teachers and something for Grandma for Easter (we're going to be visiting her on Easter day) and as it was hardly a day for playing outside I agreed. We are not big on the Easter bunny and all that in our house (the kids have been bluntly told there is no such thing - he didn't exist when I was little!) but it seemed like something to do on a wet weekend. We duly popped out to the local Sainsbury's - not necessarily where I would have gone for this but it was wet and dreary and it needed to be done 'now' - apparently!

They certainly had lots of Easter goodies, although not quite what we were looking for but enough for some inspiration and, combined with a couple of things we already had we reckoned we could pull it off.

Sainsbury's Easter shop

When we got home the first thing we did was melt some chocolate - yum!

melting chocolate

This was then poured into the silicone Easter egg mould and after a while in the fridge we popped them out of the mould and wrapped them in silver foil. Voila! Little homemade Easter eggs.


I had hoped to find some crafty stuff in Sainsbury's that we could use to make baskets but they hadn't had any but we did find some little plastic fillable eggs and some Easter stickers so Little Miss Sunshine had a great time covering the eggs in stickers while Little Miss Star and I did the hot chocolate stirring. We put these together with the homemade eggs and we had easy, cheap presents for the teachers (with minimal crafty effort on my part because as you know I am not good at craft!)


Now for Grandma's basket. This was a bit more tricky as the bumper Easter craft pack that I had got wasn't quite what I had thought when I picked it up (I know I should've read the label!) It was all about making variations of Easter chicks and bunnies including paper bag puppets and foam animals - all good fun but not much good for a basket for Grandma. It did however keep the girls busy whilst I dug out an old basket that we could use and some tissue paper to nestle the eggs in.

And the result - a pretty basket, lined with tissue paper with some of those decorated plastic eggs with homemade chocolate eggs inside along with some real eggs from our chickens, some fluffy Easter chicks and the last of the stickers decorating the basket. Nearer the time we might add some spring flowers for her too.



All in all a good afternoons work I reckon and it kept the girls busy on a miserably cold 'spring' day. What have you been up to to get ready for Easter?

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  1. Love this! Such a lovely idea. Very creative!

  2. Looks like everyone had fun with this - great stuff.

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